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The Mongolian Grill Offers Asian-Baja Fusion

by Martina

Fast Pass alert:  The Fast Pass is the quickest way to return to the US from Baja!  Where to get it?  How about the Mongolian Grill…good food and a pass to go fast!

What a surprise right here in Rosarito! I came in from the busy ‘free road’, leaving the traffic noise behind and slipped into the simple, clean interior of the Mongolian Grill.

Now, I am not a connoisseur of Asian food but I do know good food. The Mongolian Grill didn’t let me down. A sunny greeting from Letty as I came in made me feel instantly at home. In a land of Mexican food restaurants, Asian food is an unusual offering here. Some call the menu “Asian Fusion,” and understandably so with names on the menu like Mongolian Stir Fry, Korean Tacos and Thai egg rolls. I looked forward to indulging myself in this one of a kind Asian feast.

Korean Tacos at the Mongolian Grill

I chose the Korean Tacos and they are to die for! Handmade golden corn tortillas filled with a choice of Thai Bulgogi pork, beef, tofu or chicken.  Finely chopped cabbage, sweet green onion and cilantro were stuffed inside the hearty warm shell. For those that like it spicy, try the homemade Arbol chili sauce. The Arbol chili is a deadly tiny red chili and is killer-hot. I was proud of myself as — after 12 years of eating Mexican food — I passed the Arbol test with flying colors. It added another layer of spice to an already delicious taco. Tuesdays are “buy two and get the third one free.”

Mongolian Grill is known for the Mongolian stir-fry bowls.  It is a ‘make it how you like it’, filling your bowl high with meats and fresh vegetables. You take your bowl to the grill chief, and he spills out the contents on a hot greaseless grill. You watch him do his magic with his two long spatulas flying and tossing your meal. Within three minutes, everything is steaming hot and you can eat guilt-free (okay, so maybe for low carb folks, you might have to pass up the noodles). A yummy peanut sauce is the final touch.

Signature stir-fry bowls

For the heartier appetite try the Asian Gourmet pizzas. The pizza crust is baked in a brick oven, then cooled. The thin crust is smothered in 3 types of toppings: Thai Chicken, Korean Pork Bulgogi and the Hawaiian Portuguese sausage is tomato based with pineapple. All come with mozzarella cheese, white and green onions and bell peppers. Because the crust is already baked fresh that day, the pizza, with its fresh toppings, is slipped into an extremely hot oven and comes out in minutes.

Letty admits she has tasted the egg rolls all over town, but pronounces the best is found here. Lee, the owner, quips it is because they are Thai, and filled more with meat than veggies. And there is so much more to choose. To really do it justice, returning is a must. Wine and beer are available, along with fragrant jasmine green tea, sweet fruit shushes and hot sake.

You will want to complete your meal with a scoop or two of homemade Gelato (ps– the green tea Gelato is luscious).

Pocketbook Pain?  No.  The price range is very easy on the pocket book, from $3.50 for tacos to $7.50 for the Korean stir-fry.

How to get there?  The rather bland location — just south of Rosarito on the four-lane Free Road at KM 29.5 — belies the friendly atmosphere that awaits within.  It’s an easy drive and easy parking, too.

When to go?  The summer hours are from 11:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

 Let us know if your taste runs to the Mongolian…and send us your great food photos!  


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