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Singing the Blues: Rosarito Celebrates 2nd Annual Baja Blues Fest

Singing the Blues: Rosarito Celebrates 2nd Annual Baja Blues Fest

Three days of entertainment at the Rosarito Beach Hotel, August 23-25, has left many attendees feeling the blues. Why? Because it will be another year before they will have the opportunity to see such acts as John Nemeth with the Blackwater Blues Band, or Annette “da Bomb” McGee & D’Bomb Squad, perform at the Baja Blues Fest in 2014.

The one thing that I will never forget were the smiles I saw on hundreds of faces. Everyone had a great time. My own smile turned to laughter at one point when I saw my dear friend, Mavourneen O’Brien, better known as Baja, dancing near the stage while holding onto her walker. She was joined by a variety of other dancers – each one moving to the rollicking blues music.

Baja Blues Fest

Anette “da Bomb” McGee owns the stage during the 2nd Annual Baja Blues Fest, held August 23-25 at the Rosarito Beach Hotel.

There were many special moments at the event. Rosarito was blessed with beautiful blue skies during the weekend festival, which opened Friday night with a jam session, and closed Sunday night with another one. Mavourneen and a host of other volunteers ensured that anyone with any questions or concerns received satisfactory answers. Servers from the Rosarito Beach Hotel made certain everyone had food, beers, sodas, and other drinks delivered to their seating area. And those manning the booths, including a representative from, showed off their goods or services.

Baja Blues Fest

D’Bomb Squad gives a spirited performance during Baja Blues Fest.

Hundreds of people roamed around the more than 40 booths, which offered everything from clothes for sale, to hand-made jewelry, beautiful arts and crafts, and a variety of other unique items. There were also a number of booths offering different types of food. One hut, which always had a crowd, sold beers and other drinks. Attire was also interesting. People were dressed in bikinis and swimsuits. Some women wore floor-length dresses while a couple of men wore stylish suits. However, most everyone dressed for comfort, wearing a pair of shorts and a top. Many of those in attendance also donned a hat to prevent the sun from burning their face. These varied from baseball caps to extravagantly decorated hats.

BluesFestival 021

Thanks to Rosarito’s sunny skies, wide-brimmed hats were a popular accessory at the 2nd Annual Baja Blues Fest.

One of the special guests at the festival was Darrell Sheets. Darrell is a star on the A&E network program, Storage Wars. He sat to the right of the stage when he was not acting as a co-host. When asked why he wasn’t attending a storage auction on this Saturday, he simply said, “This Baja event is much more important.” He had many visitors asking him for autographs and pictures, and he spent a lot of time chatting with his admirers. He really is a nice person – seemingly different than his persona on the show, where he often bids thousands of dollars for one storage unit, and has a gruff, almost obnoxious personality.

Blues Blues Fest

Darrell Sheets, star of A&E’s Storage Wars, was one of many attendees at the Baja Blues Fest.

No one seemed to forget, however, that aside from the festival and entertainment, the major reason for the event was to raise money for the needy children living in the area. Last year more than $6,000 was donated to charitable groups. This year donations will be given to La Mision Children’s Fund, BECA, Friends of the Library, the Los Angelitos Orphanage, and the Baja Scholarship Fund. Even though we all get the blues from time to time, charitable donations from the 2013 Baja Blues Fest are going to make life a little brighter for area children.  So will the proceeds from next year’s festival.

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