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Hola Mexico!

by Ashley Curtin


It is the unthinkable, the unimaginable, heck, it’s considered to be taboo in many people’s eyes.

But with this breathtaking view awaiting me, there was no reason not to visit and experience the culture of Mexico.
We crossed the border into Tijuana with much ease and followed the rugged coastal road down to Rosarito, a small little beach town about 30 miles south of San Diego after crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. This is where we spent three days bathing in the sun, drinking cerveza and eating tacos—lots and lots of them—while viewing the country through our own eyes.

Too many people told me to “stay safe” before we left, friends and family questioned our decision as we crossed the border and others looked at us like we turned into aliens after returning from Mexico catechizing, “What would possess you to do such a thing?!”

And our response is because we are determined to travel the world with a true sensitivity to culture, embracing a country’s timeless beauty and not letting fear suppress our experiences. Rather, I find it alarming that too many people let their ignorance unfold and stop them from traveling the geography that lies ahead. It is also insensitive and embarrassing at the rate the media conjugates fear and travel in the same perspective. Being exposed to the destructive visual images drug cartels have inflicted on other drug cartels through the years, it has created such a divide between Mexico and the rest of the world.

Instead of all this concern, we need to comprehensively learn about and discover this country therefore, replacing any fear with memorable experiences. The culture, the people and the landscape are reason enough to visit this beautiful country. It is time for the public to come to its own conclusions and fight the public relations problem hovering over Mexico.
Until we meet again, Mexico, Happy (safe) travels!

Ahsley Curtin is the author of Fun As We Go:  A collection of personal travel stories about people, places and food.

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