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Having a Coffee in Rosarito: Lots of Choices

by Jack E. George

Having a coffee is Rosarito: Lots of Choices

Having a coffee in Rosarito isn’t hard:  There are lots of choices.  If you visit Rosarito Beach, chances are you have been to at least one of the coffee shops located here. No, we do not have a Starbuck’s like Ensenada or Tijuana do, but no one seems to care. We can still buy our leaded or unleaded, our picker-upper, our mud, our black brew or, as it is known in Mexico, our café. If you start your day with a cup of coffee, you can take comfort in knowing it is one of the most consumed drinks in the entire world.

Coffee is believed to have been discovered in the northeastern  part of Ethiopia; the cultivation began in southern Arabia. The first known coffee-drinkers were thought to have sipped in the middle of the 15th century in the Sufi shrines of Yemen. Skipping ahead just a few years,  we discover that one of the first coffee houses in Rosarito Beach was/is the Capuchino Coffee House. It is located on the main street across from the 198 shops (sitting between the El Nido Restaurant and the Scotia Bank).

Capuchino’s opened 27 years ago. It is one of the largest coffee houses in Rosarito. It offers seating inside and out. It has dozens of coffee choices from which to choose. According to employee Olga Salazar, the best selling coffee is Café Mocha. Their specialty coffees are Mocha and Cappuccino. There are a variety of cakes, cookies, and pies, and other pastries which are made on the premises.

Where to go for coffee in Rosarito? The Rosarito Beach Hotel.

As coffee production became more popular it left the Muslim world and spread to India. It then went to Italy, the rest of Europe, and then Indonesia. Finally it arrived in the Americas. Fortunately for us, the beans eventually landed in Mexico, and they have contributed to the success of the coffee shop known as Café Rosy. It is located at the Rosarito Beach Hotel.  As you walk to the main entrance it is to the left before entering the front doors. Employee Dora Lidia Estrada said their best selling brew is Café Regular. They offer a number of specialties including Espresso, Cappuccino, and Mocha. Café Rosy opened more than 20 years ago and has added pastries and more. The small coffee shop offers both intimacy and a friendly atmosphere. Also located on the main street, across from  Oxxo, is a newly opened coffee shop named Aromas del Che. Dayanara Silva, who works there, explained that the shop has been open for less than a year.

Dayanara said that Café Latte is very popular in the mornings and Café Express is the shops specialty. She said that the coffees are all natural and this is one reason why the coffee shop has caught on so quickly in the area. The shop serves pastries, too. The interior is very interesting with some unique pieces of coffee equipment.

One of the Mexican chain coffee shops, D’Volada, has been open for seven years. It is located across the street from the Rosarito Beach Hotel. The shop specialties are Café Altura and Espresso Grotto. Their best selling coffee is Café Altura. According to Pablo Canielo, an employee at D’Volada’s, the shop is similar to most of the others in the franchise with indoor and outdoor seating. They also offer a limited number of pastries.

Coffee has been a part of many societies. For example, coffee was initially used for spiritual purposes. In 1511 coffee was banned by jurists and scholars meeting in Mecca. Later, coffee was regarded as a Muslim drink. It was prohibited by Ethiopian Orthodox Christians until 1889. Today, the Word of Wisdom — a doctrine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — says that coffee is physically and spiritually unhealthy and says that hot drinks are not for the belly. This has been interpreted to mean that coffee, as well as tea, are forbidden drinks.

Hopefully, everyone will spend part of their day, on September 29, by visiting a local coffee shop – this will show your support for National Coffee Day!

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