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Get to Know Rosarito

Rosarito lies along the highway that connects Tijuana to Ensenada.  From skyscrapers, colonial hotel buildings, and spas to art galleries, shopping, and lobster, this beachfront resort town has a lot to offer visitors from near and far.

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Winter is prime surfing time, especially at beaches like Punta Mezquite. Here, the Pacific Ocean provides great views and ideal sport fishing conditions.  Nearby, you can find shops specializing in surfing and all kinds of water sports equipment.

Vibrant nightlife is another attraction: numerous bars and clubs have been the main engine for growth in Rosarito.


It all started during the 1920s, when the Rosarito Beach Hotel was built in Belgian-style architecture. It remains a local icon to this day.

No less important in the growth of Rosarito is the Hotel Calafia. It was designed with inspiration from important Spanish forts of the 16th century. It offers museum exhibits devoted to the history of Baja California and the movie Titanic, along with a replica of Columbus caravels.  As part of its commitment to the full satisfaction to its guests, the hotel offers spacious indoor and outdoor settings for weddings and conventions, as well as a bilingual trained staff.

Art and Film

Just down the road is the movie theme park, Xploration. This interactive cinema museum is an annex of a studio that was constructed in 1995 by Fox to film the movie Titanic. Visitors can learn about techniques used in film productions, such as models, animatronics, green screen, and sound effects. The Titanic exhibition presents several complete scenarios, props, and a legendary transatlantic boat in scale model. Other attractions in the park include the ship used in the filming of the movie Master and Commander and some tape scenarios used in the X-Men films.

Heading south toward Ensenada, you will pass through Popotla and the Artisans corridor, with a number of art galleries and shops selling Mexican crafts, furniture and home decorations. Look for wood furniture and handicrafts in clay and iron, among other decorative items. A few miles further south, you will arrive  in Puerto Nuevo, Baja’s lobster capital. Following local tradition, restaurants fry the lobsters in oil and serve them with red rice, refried beans and fresh, handmade flour tortillas. This is a must-try for those who travel to eat.


The Rosarito Canyon features vegetable gardens and flower fields that belong to various ranches and are open to the public. Other options for recreation include swimming pools and horseback riding trails.

For golf, try the Real Del Mar Golf Course and Hotel, which has an 18-hole course with challenging fairways and great ocean views.

Information courtesy of the Baja California State Tourism Secretariat.

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