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Argentina in Rosarito Beach: El Gaucho Argentino Food Truck is Authentic and Delicious

Argentina in Rosarito Beach?  El Gaucho Argentino is the food truck to find!

By Jack E. George

When you meander down the main street in Rosarito Beach and you approach Banamex Bank, be very careful. Why? Because there is an amazing new aroma, unlike any other you have ever smelled in this quaint community. This inviting smell is from the El Gaucho Argentino food cart. The closer you get to the cart, the more your stomach begins churning and demanding you buy one of the choripans and load it with some chimichuri.

Gerardo Marquiz, owner and operator of the cart, along with his wife and two children, recently moved to Rosarito Beach. They moved from Los Angeles, California. Their mission has been to move to Mexico, open a new business, and start a new life. Gerardo is very pleased with the decision to become a part of the Baja community.

He opened his business a year ago. He said that the more people learn about his business results in bringing in many repeat customers. He gave his business the name because his in-laws are from Argentina. He said he has learned a great deal about Argentine food and spices. He also picked up some special ‘secretive’ ingredients from his in-laws.

A little Argentina in Rosarito Beach at this smell-a-licious food truck.

When I arrived at the food cart, there was a pretty young lady sitting in the end chair in front of the cart. Her name was Alicia. She spoke fluent English. I asked her how she liked the food. She quickly responded, “It’s the best.” I asked her what she had ordered and she said, “Jamon y queso.” She smiled at me, knowing I did not understand, and she quickly said, “A ham and cheese sandwich.” When I was ready to leave, she was still sitting on her stool. I asked her how her sandwich has been and she replied, “Well, I just ordered another one.” That speaks very highly of the food at El Gaucho Argentino.

I tried to visit at a time of day when I assumed there would not be any customers. Wrong. I stopped by later in the day, to take some pictures and thinking fewer customers would be there. I was wrong again. There were more people eating, and ordering food, than there had been earlier. This is why Gerardo says his business is doing great. He said, “People are starting to know about the food. They like the food.”

I asked Gerardo what makes his food cart different from the others in Rosarito. He quickly responded, “The flavor.” He explained the there is a very different taste of the food coming from a different country. He then showed me one of his specialties called choripan. This is an Argentine sausage which is not common in Mexico. Then one of his customers enthusiastically yelled at him and said not to forget the chimichuri. I had never heard of this but when he showed me the

Empanadas are a deep fried delicacy!

bottle I realized he and the other chef were putting this special Argentine sauce on many of the dishes they were preparing. He explained, “We make it fresh. It is a very traditional sauce used mostly for Argentinian barbeques. It is made with parsley, garlic, olive oil, and numerous spices.” Not only does he use it on many of the dishes he also has bottles for sale.

Gerardo said another popular item is the lomito. I watched as each part of every sandwich was truly prepared with tender care. The bread was put on the grill until it reached a certain point the chef wanted and he removed it. The onions were fried to perfection. The large piece of steak was turned several times until it had reached the point of excellence. The bread had a special spread applied followed by some of the chimichuri. Finally, cheese was added. Biting into this was a wonderful experience.

There is no doubt that Gerardo and his family has quickly adjusted to their new life in Rosarito Beach. Also, there is no doubt that the many Argentine food lovers have happily adjusted to having them here along with the El Gaucho Argentino food truck.


Argentina in Rosarito: Chimichurri is a blend of garlic and spices guaranteed to take your taste buds on a delicious journey!


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