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Finding Treasures on Rosarito Beach

By Jack E. George

Rosarito doesn’t lack activities or things to do, but when I am antsy, I often remember when I was a young boy and I would see those “old men” walking around the school playground, the park, or even on the beach carrying long poles with something attached to the ends. Once in awhile, the thing at the end of the pole would make a noise. It seemed like the man would become a little hyperactive, excited…or something. He would take a little shovel and dig into the ground or the sand.

Finding treasure on Rosarito Beach is a favorite past-time of author Jack E. George

Well, here we are, decades later, and I have become one of those old men. I started the hobby of “metal detecting” a time back. Since I live in Rosarito Beach, just a few minutes walk to the ocean, I usually go to the beach where I begin my search. I always have my thoughts about where I will find treasures people have lost. I enjoy detecting along the area where the sand is wet but the waves are no longer reaching this plot of the Pacific.

When I am ready to begin finding treasure on Rosarito Beach, I put the ‘latch’ under my right arm and begin moving the detector to the left and then to the right. I might walk awhile down the beach; or, I might have a ‘hit’ right away and my detector begins singing to me, letting me know there is something buried below the sand. When I hear the sound I take my shovel and begin digging. I put a scoop or two next to the area. I then take out my Pro Pinpoint Detector and move it back and forth across the fresh sand. This detector is less than a foot, in length, and is great at pinpointing a ‘find.’ If it beeps then I know that whatever the detector found is in that particular pile. I spread the sand. I am amazed with my discovery. I had found another tab opener to a can. Well, it is okay, because I save these to give to a friend. She, in turn, gives them to her friend who submits them some place to collect money for Women’s Breast Cancer.

Finding treasure on Rosarito Beach: one man's delight!

When I first started, one of my first discoveries was a woman’s bracelet. It had a unique design and a beautiful blend of colors. One of my most interesting finds made me chuckle when I first had it fully removed from the sand. I found a spoon! I then cleaned it during an incoming wave. It was then that I realized it was more than a spoon when I found “Rolex Bucherer Watches Lucerne” engraved on it. The appearance makes me believe it is very old. When metal detecting, it is fun to let your mind wander. Can you imagine how this spoon landed up on the beach in Rosarito Beach, Baja, CA? I wonder where it came from. Then I realized it could have been lost many miles away. I imagined someone on an outing for the day. They might have been on a boat. Suddenly a wave caught them by surprise and my spoon, along with their picnic lunch, landed in the water, never to be found again – although, it was.

Metal detecting is really a fun hobby. It can also offer you some great exercise because you can wander on and on down the beach. You might spend hours lingering on the shore. There are always people who are curious about what you are doing, just as I was when I was a youngster. They want to ask you what you have found although they might be a little shy at first. They might follow you for awhile and become excited, at the detector, when it begins singing. Then, as quickly as the youngsters appeared, they will quickly be gone – maybe joining one of the incoming waves.

Aside from the walking you will also discover an ‘arm workout.’ Yes, this is true, because you move the detector, continually, from left to right. After you do this a few hours you might experience some pain the following morning. Eventually, your arms are prepared for a good day’s hunt. Each hunt is new, different, and exhilarating. When you hear your detector start singing to you it always makes your heart pump a little faster.

I really do not know if I have found anything of value. I do know that I have not found a large deposit of gold, a diamond ring, or anything of tremendous value. However, I have found some very interesting artifacts. I am very curious about a man’s ring I recently discovered. Inside is the word ‘titanium.’ I read about this and it is what the band is made from. This particular ring also has two crosses, one on each side, cut out so the two areas are hollow. Another interesting find was a “Bull Durham” trinket. It has the marking, “14k.” It appears to be quite old. The great thing about discovering things at the beach is that you just run them through a wave, this cleans the ‘find,’ and restores them to the state they were in when lost.

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