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4th Annual Rosarito Art Fest Was a Delight for the Senses

4th Annual Rosarito Art Fest Was a Delight for the Senses

The Fourth Annual Rosarito Art Fest was a big success this year, with initial estimates forecasting an attendance of 18,000 people over the past Memorial Day weekend. This number has grown exponentially since the event’s inception in 2009. The actual numbers are not yet available as of this post, but from what your Gringo could see, they weren’t far off the mark. A festive crowd of locals from Tijuana and the region mixed with visitors from north of the border and the area’s ex-pat population to enjoy the work of Baja-based artists, performers, artisanal food vendors, craft breweries and regional winemakers.


Raising the banner for the Rosarito Art Fest 2013.


Enjoying the day at the Rosarito Art Fest 2013.

Over 100 artists displayed and sold a variety of stylish masterpieces in front of the Rosarito Beach Hotel. The colorful and rich heritage of the region was well-represented by painters, sculptors, jewelry-makers, fashion designers and other artisans who seemed to be enjoying the positive vibe and exposure the Art Fest brings (not to mention the beautiful 70 degree day). Your Gringo watched an amazing quartet of guitarists and an artfully executed ballet performance.


Artist Antonio Proa from Tijuana displays his colorful artwork.


A fun family of dolls on display from artist Esau Andrade.


Ballerinas perform on the main stage at the Rosarito Art Fest.


A quartet of excellent guitarists serenade the crowd.


Tijuana’s Vamonos de Tapas serves up a delicious Paella de Mariscos.


A variety of artisanal breads and cheeses available for sample and purchase. Yum!

Several charitable organizations were represented and used art as a catalyst to promote their causes. Among them was Es Por Los Niños A.C., whose mission is “To prevent transmission of HIV from mother to child and provide social support to improve the quality of life in women, adolescents, children infected with HIV/AIDS, as well as their families”. I spoke with Rosalva Martha-Patten, the President and Founder, who indicated that though the number of children born with HIV has declined in the US, it is on the rise in Mexico’s border cities such as Tijuana. The organization displayed a very nice collection of artwork from children who participate in or are otherwise involved with the charity.


A young area artist proudly displays her work among her classmate’s

The burgeoning regional craft beer industry was represented by Cerveza Tijuana, who offer six varieties including Rosarito Beach American Lager. These beers are tasty and I’m not sure if they’re available yet in the US. So you’ll just have to get down to Baja California yourself to try them!


Cerveza Tijiuana offer several satisfying craft brews, including Rosarito Beach Lager.

We enjoyed our day at the Rosarito Art Fest immensely, and it was great to see a world-class cultural event taking place in a city that has sometimes been synonymous with “party town” in the past. Your Gringo is excited to attend more Mexican cultural festivals in the coming months, so stay tuned!

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