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Popotla Surf Break

Surfing Popotla, Baja

Popotla is a fun wave that breaks on south and north swells. Popotla is rocky, however it is probably the only wave that you can surf with in view of the Foxploration Studios. Popotla mainly breaks left, but the occasional right can be had. Popotla is easy to find, it is located in front of the Popotla RV Park. The challenge is to convince the guard to let you in, GOOD LUCK! The best way to get to surf Popotla is either fork out the money and camp at the RV park or just north of the Fox studios is a small fishing village, its entrance is marked by a giant white gate in the shape of a warped looking “h.”

Wave Information

Skill Level: Beginner to pro

Best Season: Summer and Fall

Crowds: It gets crowded, especially when it gets good

Locals: A couple of Rosarito locals

Hazards: Sharp rocks

Wave Description

Wave Type: Rock reef

Wave Direction: Lefts

Best Surf: Head high to a couple of feet overhead

Power: Fast

Wave consistency: Regular consistency

Bottom Type: Rock

Tides and Swell

Best Tide: Low to medium tide

Wind Direction: East

Best Swell Direction: Popotla breaks best on a Southwest and Northwest swell

Wave Access

Easy to Locate: Yes, however you will need to go through a private RV park

Location: You can find Popotla through the RV Park, however the guard at the gate probably will not let you in.


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