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K-38 Surf Break – One Of The Best-Know Spots in Northern Baja

Surfing K-38, Baja

K-38 is a good right hand point break and one of the best-known spots in Northern Baja. If there are waves you will definitely find a crowd at K-38. K-38 is a fun mushy right reef break at high tides. During low to medium tides K-38 get fast and hallow, also the giant rocks that are normally covered get exposed so take caution. K-38 is easy to check out and easy to get to, which is another reason why it gets so crowded. Booties are recommended when surfing K-38 due to the rock reef, booties will help you get safely back in. Make sure that you lock your car up good; a few people have gotten their cars broken into here.

Wave Description

Wave Type: Rocky reef break

Wave Direction: Mostly Rights

Best Surf: Head high to double overhead

Power: Mushy

Wave consistency: Consistency

Bottom Type: Rock

Tides and Swell

Best Tide: Medium to high tide, it sometimes is fun on low tide, however you will have to watch out for exposed rocks

Wind Direction: East

Best Swell Direction:K-38 breaks best on Southwest swells.

Wave Access

Easy to Locate: Yes

Location: 45 minutes South of the Border. It’s located off of the free road (Old Highway 1), at Km 38. Park on the dirt road under the free road. Lock you car, due to high car theft.



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