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Mulege FAQs

Where is Mulege located?
Mulege is near kilometer 134, about 38 miles south of Santa Rosalia (one of Baja’s most charming towns), on Highway 1, right where the Rio (river) Mulege and the water of the Sea of Cortez meet up.   Looking at a map of Baja, it is a bit more than half-way down the peninsula, on the eastern side.

What is the best way to get to Mulege?
The best way to get to Mulege is to drive, taking Highway 1 south from the US border/Tijuana or north from Cabo San Lucas or La Paz.  You truly cannot miss it.  Mulege іs served by three airstrips іn the area whіch  аre fоr private airplanes.  One is a graded strip adjacent to the Serenidad Hotel, but it is good to check the condition of this strip before arriving (and also to watch out for dogs and people).   Regional flights аre available аt the Palo Verde Airport (to the north оf town), аnd international flights аre available in Loreta (about 123 miles south).

What kinds of accommodations does Mulege have?
Mulege is a small town and everything about it screams ‘beach’…hence, what you should expect are lots of casual and low key accommodations (palapa-style, under the palms), campgrounds, and one or two higher-end hotels.  If you want to read more about the types of accommodations that the municipality has to offer visit the Mulege Hotels overview.

What local foods should I try in Mulege?
Mulege specializes in casual beach-type fare:  a simple plate of tacos with rice and beans, shrimp from the Sea of Cortez cooked almost any style, fish grilled to perfection, and breakfasts of eggs, tortillas and machaca.  That said, there is the famous Hotel Serenidad pig roast to discover, as well as other seasonal dishes.  Ensenada is world famous for its gastronomic scene. More about Mulege’s dining spots is available in the Mulege Restaurants overview.

Will I have problems communicating since I do not speak Spanish?
Mulege is a sort of melange of people.  There is almost always someone in the vicinity who can help translate.  Of course, it is always good to have a phrase guide with you, or know some words of Spanish.  But it is likely you will not have problems…and you will find the folks who live in Mulege to be accommodating and friendly.

What about drugs and alcohol?
You must be 18 years of age or older, to consume alcohol. It is against the law to drink alcohol on the streets. Driving while drinking is also against the law. Using drugs is a criminal offense.

What should I do if I am lost or have any kind of a problem?
If you have any issues, you should dial 078, the Tourist Assistance Hotline which operates 24/7. It is similar to 911 in the U.S.,  except that you will be assisted with whatever need you have.

What are the most popular activities in Ensenada?
Many tourists enjoy strolling around Ensenada 1st street and visiting the many shops there.
Ensenada has a wide variety of activities to suit all needs. If you are in search of adventure, you can take a kayaking tour near La Bufadora. Or, if ponies are your thing, horseback riding is available near the Punta Banda Estuary.  Surf lessons can be found in San Miguel or go around the bay for a fishing trip. If you prefer to take a look at the more glamorous side of Ensenada, you can take a day trip to Guadalupe Valley, Mexico’s Wine country which is gaining international visibility for its world class wine and Mediterranean style hotels and restaurants.

What is the weather like in Mulege?
Mulege is basically a day’s drive north from the Tropic of Caqncer…this means that the weather is mild here most of the year, with temperatures averaging around 67 degrees.  Late summer and early fall can be warm and humid, however, with rainstorms (chubascos), and daytime temps up in the 90s. Stay posted to and blogs by Mulege residents like Rick Barber for more information.

Is Mulege a safe place for my family to visit?
Mulege is very safe and has very few issues with crime.  Of course, like any other tourist destination,you have to take certain precautions and pay attention to surroundings. Lock your car, don’t leave important paper, purses, camera on the seats while you are away, etc.  The very fact that it is a sleepy night-time town, without a lot of bar activity, probably keeps trouble to a minimum.