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Eating in Mexicali


Mexicali is renowned for the number and diversity of its restaurants.  With its own Chinatown (La Chinesca) and history imbued with multiculturalism, it is no surprise that today there are more than 120 Chinese restaurants in Mexicali.  But that’s just where the range of dining choices begins:  Elegant dining to family-style service; from gourmet authentic to peasant-style farm foods; Japanese to German to Italian: Mexicali has it all.

Does the taste tour begin with ceviche at Los Arcos (a regional favorite)? Duck with mushrooms at Dragón? Perhaps some sausage and spaetzle at the Heidelberg?  Or what about a world-class Italian feast at the Mezzosole restaurant at the Hotel Lucerna?  That said, you are, after all, in Mexicali.  Why not experience the best in Mexican food with a side order of Mariachi at El Sarape restaurant?

  • La Carniceria
  • Cenadura Selecta
  • Sibarita Cocina de Autor
  • Los Arcos
  • Mezzosole
  • China House
  • Dragón
  • Chiangs
  • Heidelburg
  • Fratellis
  • Kobu
  • Tatoro
  • Mandolinos
  • Villa Vittorio