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How to choose the right kind accommodations for your Mexicali visit

Generally speaking, most of the nicer accommodations are located away from the border area, near major streets including Juáez, Justo Sierra and López Mateos.  Mexicali is not a tourist destination, in the traditional sense, therefore, it is not the place to look for romantic B&Bs, or quirky lodgings.  It truly is a place to enjoy a modern hotel experience that often offers fine dining, recreation and fitness options, and more.



As you think about lodging, consider some of the pros and cons of each type.  These decisions, as well as the activities you want to do, will help you choose the best place for your trip.

*Hotels:  Mexicali boasts hotels and convention centers that provide great business services and in-room comfort at a high level.  Almost all hotels accept credit cards.
*Smaller hotels:  These kinds of accommodations range vastly in quality, atmosphere and cost.  Often, they do not accept credit cards.  Check to make sure that they are near restaurants and have good road access.

*Camping: Within the immediate city and nearby environs of Mexicali, there is not recommended camping, however, in the Guadalupe Canyon Hot Springs area, there are hot thermal baths and camping.  It is located 30 miles down a rough dirt road, some 20 miles west of town on the road to Tijuana.

Once you’ve identified your criteria and selected the best type of lodging for your trip, scan the list of standouts below. It is by no means comprehensive, but rather a cross-section of some of our favorites. You can also search the Mexicali hotel directory for more options.




Crowne Plaza Sophistication:   Service and location in the Civic Center area


Hotel Lucerna Mexicali: Tradition, elegance and fine dining


Five-star luxury:  Araiza Hotel and Convention Center



Other accommodation choices in Mexicali include:

  • Calafia Hotel:  Heart of the City