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Featured activities in Mexicali


Search the Mexicali guide for activities or learn more about one of the highlights below.

  •      Walking and hiking and camping
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  •      Golf
  •      Off-road adventures
  •      Sports attractions


Not far from Mexicali is the Sierra Juarez and Tajo Canyon, with its Trono Blanco rock monolith that rises 1970 feet.  This area is hugely popular with outdoor entusiasts – hikers, climbers, bikers and others – who are undaunted by the jagged austerity of the region.  There is also hiking in Canon de Guadalupe, which features thermal springs and tranquil palm-fringed rock pools for post-hike relaxation.


In the Mexicali area, there are some than 1550 miles of freshwater canals, with places like Baguna Bogard, Rio Hardy, El Caimán and others where you can fish and be involved in tournaments throughout the year (February is notable for the Mexicali Lake Sportfishing Tournament for big and small bass fishing).     For those who want a saltier experience, head south to San Felipe.  This region features some of the best fishing in Baja, and charters and fishing rentals are available here.  For more information, check out the Mexicali guide for activities.


With its hot summers, Mexicali is not a year-round golf spot, but during the fall, winter and spring, Club de Golf Campestre is a great place to attack the links.  This 18-hole course features huge fairways, water hazards and sand traps and plenty of water features.  March is probably the very best time of year to play in Mexicali, but be careful…lots of weekend golf tournaments here! For more information, check out the Mexicali guide for activities.

Off-road Adventures

Spring and fall are when the hills and canyons and desert around Mexicali come alive for off-road racing (the famous SCORE San Felipe 250 takes place each March).  SCORE, NORRA and CODE are all big names in Mexicali-San Felipe off-roading.  But if you are just an average adventurous off-road Joe, then check out tour and rental opportunities in the area.  For more information, check out the Mexicali guide for activities.




Sports Attractions

Sports in Mexicali are very popular all year round. Mexicali boasts their own baseball team, “Aguilas Pacific Mexican League,” (aguila means eagle in English), and they have their own stadium with a 19,000 person capacity. The stadium hosted the Caribbean baseball series in 2009. Mexicali also has its own basketball team, The Soles de Mexicali. In the fall, head to Plaza de Toros Calafia (toro meaning bull) to see some traditional Mexican bull fighting.