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Day Trips from Mexicali

Los Algodones

A one-day itinerary

Why would you go to Los Algodones?  Well, believe it or not, lots of people do go to this little border town (near Yuma, Arizona) because it is a buzzing hive of pharmaceutical and medical activity.  Here are scores of drugstores, as well as medical and dental offices, largely catering to ‘snowbirds’, those Americans and Canadians traveling south for the winter.  There are also some curio and folk art stores here.

San Felipe

A one-, two- or three-day itinerary

About two hours south from Mexicali, on Mexico’s Highway 5, is the fishing town of San Felipe.  The drive takes you along the north western-most salt marshes fringing the Sea of Cortez, and then down the coast to the friendly, quiet town that is famous for its fishing and its shrimp.  Besides the attraction of the sparkling blue waters and dramatic mountains that border San Felipe on either side, the region draws those interested in boating, hiking, fishing and generally enjoying a more tranquil Baja experience.

Sierra Juarez

A one- or two-day itinerary

This area and its famous Tajo Canyon (an impressive rocky monolith) brings mountain climbers from around the world, who are interested in rock-climbing, hiking, canoeing and even photography.  It is circa the Laguna Hanson and the Cañón de Llanos where there are activities including kayaking, hiking, camping, biking and more.

Canon de Guadalupe

A one- or two-day itinerary

About 40 miles southwest of Mexicali, off of Highway 2, this is a palm oasis canyon with camping and thermal springs.  A cold creek runs through the canyon as well, feeding the palm grove below & waterfalls way up canyon