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Places of Interest within Mexicali

  • La Chinesca:  The historic Chinese neighborhood is known as La Chinesca, centered on Avenida Benito Juárez. There are scores of Chinese restaurants here, and it is common to hear people speaking Chinese in this area.
  • The Colorado River Land Company Building:  On Avenue Reforma, this building dates back to 1923 and is a remembrance of the agricultural history of the area
  • Centro Cívico: The Civic Center is home to Baja California’s state legislature, governor’s palace, and state supreme court, as well as the Mexicali city hall. Brief tours of the Baja California legislature’s chambers are available upon request (ask for the public/media relations spokesperson to give you a tour).
  • Bosque de la Ciudad:  This park has a man-made lake and a zoo, and is a great place to entertain children on a hot day (with slip’n’slides, and other water activities!). 
  • Teatro del EstadoA variety of theatrical and musical performers appear throughout the year at the state theater, Teatro del Estado, a modern building seating 1100.
  • Guadalupe Canyon: About 40 miles southwest of Mexicali, off of Highway 2, this is a palm oasis canyon with camping and thermal springs.  A cold creek runs through the canyon as well, feeding the palm grove below & waterfalls way up canyon.
  • Casa de Cultura:  The House of Culture  is on Avenue Madero and Altamirano, and is located in a 1915 building that hosts art workshops, exhibitions, film showings and more.
  • Aguilas Pacificas Stadium:  Mexicali is home to the Aguilas Pacific Mexican League baseball team with its own stadium, that accommodates up to 19,000 people.
  • Cerveceria Mexicali and Cerveza Cucapá:  The former Cervecería Mexicali sits vacant but in a good state of preservation despite fire damage in 1986. Opened in 1923 under a German master brewer, it satisfied local demand for half a century and even managed to export some of its production. The city is also home to both Cerveza Cucapá, a newer player on the craft beer scene.
  • CEARTE (State Center for the Arts):  A highly cultural city with a strong focus on arts and education, CEARTE is home to traveling exhibits, film expos, and more.