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Get to know Mexicali

Get to know Mexicali

    Americans, Chinese, Mexicans, East Indians and Japanese settled the area in the late 1800s, engaging in cotton production, some farming and other endeavors.  At that time, they neglected to formally found the city.  This occurred years later, on March 14, 1903, when the words ‘Mexico’ and ‘California’ were combined to create the name ‘Mexicali’.  The city’s neighbor to the north, in the United States, reverses that combination in its own name, ‘Calexico’.   The Galeria de la Ciudad is Mexicali’s main art gallery, and for those more interested in consumption rather than viewing, the Cervecería Mexicali brewery andRead More

Plan the perfect trip

Day Trips from Mexicali Los Algodones A one-day itinerary Why would you go to Los Algodones?  Well, believe it or not, lots of people do go to this little border town (near Yuma, Arizona) because it is a buzzing hive of pharmaceutical and medical activity.  Here are scores of drugstores, as well as medical and dental offices, largely catering to ‘snowbirds’, those Americans and Canadians traveling south for the winter.  There are also some curio and folk art stores here. San Felipe A one-, two- or three-day itinerary About two hours south from Mexicali, on Mexico’s Highway 5, is theRead More

Places of Interest within Mexicali

La Chinesca:  The historic Chinese neighborhood is known as La Chinesca, centered on Avenida Benito Juárez. There are scores of Chinese restaurants here, and it is common to hear people speaking Chinese in this area. The Colorado River Land Company Building:  On Avenue Reforma, this building dates back to 1923 and is a remembrance of the agricultural history of the area Centro Cívico: The Civic Center is home to Baja California’s state legislature, governor’s palace, and state supreme court, as well as the Mexicali city hall. Brief tours of the Baja California legislature’s chambers are available upon request (ask for theRead More

Mexicali FAQs

      Where is Mexicali located? Mexicali is across the border from the US city of Calexico.  It is approximately 108 miles east of Tijuana, on Highway 2, which traverses a magnificent area called La Rumorosa, a craggy granite mountain range that parallels the US border. What is the best way to get to Mexicali? From San Diego, the best route to Mexicali is on Highway 8, dropping south at Calexico, to cross the border.  Mexicali also has an airport, but most visitors arrive by automobile. What kind of transportation is available once I arrive in Mexicali? Mexicali hasRead More

They call it ‘the city that captured the sun’, but it also captures water from the Colorado River. This explains why Mexicali – capital of Baja California – is an agricultural and farming hub for the state.