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Top area festivals & events






As a town oriented more to commerce, Mexicali proper does not have a year-round calendar of activities and events. When events occur, it is usually in the fall period or in the springtime.  However, there are several events worthy of note.  And, it is important to remember that with its variety of cultural locales – i.e. Teatro del Estado and Casa de Cultura – there are often exhibitions, performances and other activities happening that will not appear on tourism calendars.  Looking for Mexicali events?

In the meantime, here are a few must-do events that happen in Mexicali.

  • Fiestas del Sol   The end of September is the date for this annual event in ‘the city that captured the sun’.  Since the early 1970s, this fiestas brings together artists and entertainers for a 17-day period, attracting hundreds of thousands of people
  • Agrobaja   Held annually in March, this is a major event for all of Baja and, in some way, celebrates Mexicali as a bi-national frontier for industries related to agriculture, shipping and transporation, fishing and recreation, and more.  In 2013, the event will celebrate its 13th year, and well over 50,000 people will attend.  It is a showcase for new and existing companies that reach across borders.  For more information, call  +52 01 (686) 592-1186.
  • Mexicali Beer Fest   Mexicali is almost synonymous with beer.   Throughout the year, the city hosts different beer and craft-beer fiestas.