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Places of interest

Mision de Loreto and Plaza Salvatierra

Start your self-guided tour of Loreto with a stroll around Plaza Salvatierra and the new paseo that extend several blocks from the plaza to the malecon. Admire the mission church, and then walk through the Museo de los Misiones Jesuiticas to contemplate what life was like in Baja when the Spanish arrived. Visit El Caballo Blanco bookshop to pick up any Baja titles that are missing from your library and learn more about the town’s dynamic history.

Loreto Malecon

Head to the waterfront to enjoy a 10-block stroll along Boulevard Mateos, with long stretches of beach at both ends. You’ll pass the Marina, lighthouse, restaurants, shops, and a few hotels along the way. Follow Paseo Salvatierra pedestrian walkway to reach the mission plaza.

Mission San Javier

In the Sierra de la Gigante, this mountain village is the site of a well preserved Spanish mission church. The mission was founded in 1699, just after the founding of the Mision de Loreto. The church building was erected in 1744-58. Find the turn-off the San Javier at Km 118 on Mexico 1. It takes about an hour to reach the village by car.
Nopolo -south of town, requires a car—- For years, the Mexican government envisioned Nopolo as the site of a mega-resort along the lines of Cabo San Lucas. Despite several waves of development, the plans have failed to materialize, and ownership has changed hands numerous times in the last decade. A large number of condos were completed in the process, and the Inn at Loreto Bay sits on one of the nicest beaches around. The mainly foreign expat community has tennis courts, a golf course, and few other amenities for visitors, but it is a 15-minute drive along the highway to the Loreto town center.

Parque Maritimo National Bahia de Loreto

Five islands and more than 2000 km2 in the Sea of Cortez make up Mexico’s largest marine preserve, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. Snorkelers and divers can view an unrivaled display of marine life in these waters. Just beyond the park limits, the fishing is excellent too. 2016 is the 20 year anniversary of this magnificent park.