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Vive Loreto

Water, land, and culture:  Vive Loreto presents them in all their glory!

Where the Sea of Cortez meets the awe-inspiring and dramatic cliffs of the Sierra la Giganta is the historic town of Loreto. Once the capital of the Californias,it is a paradise for history buffs, anglers, golfers, and adventurers of every age, skill level, or niche…yes, even you micro-petrologists (miniature rock collectors), speleolo-entomologists (study of cave dwelling insect), and gastro-ichthyologists (fish-innards aficionados).

Vive Loreto

Whatever your passion, Vive Loreto is the premier tour and adventure operator in Loreto. Maria N. owner and operations guru for Vive Loreto had a special mission when she and her husband Rafael, started the tour company 5 years ago. “Loreto has a special magic which is hard to describe but felt by all” Maria N. said, “we thought that it was something, too powerful and special to be kept to ourselves. So we decided we needed to share with everyone we could.”

The dream to share the riches of Loreto with the world morphed steadily into a top-notch, full service tour operator, offering private and semi-private expeditions centering around:

  • World Renowned Sport Fishing
  • SCUBA Diving in “the World’s Aquarium”
  • Snorkeling in the waters of the Sea of Cortez
  • Day Trips to the protected islands of  Coronado, Del Carmen, Danzante, Montserrate and Santa Catalina.
  • Mule  expeditions to the hidden gems of “La Sierra La Giganta”
  • Hiking the trails studded with red-rock, bright blue-green palms, fascinating cactus, and of course, expansive views of the aquamarine waters of the sea of cortez.
  • Explore Cave Painting, Caves, and Ancient Sites, both sacred and infamous

Find out more. And tell them that sent you!  To read more about Vive Loreto, click here.




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