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Coronado Island

Coronado Island is an uninhabited island located 7 miles northeast coast of Loreto. It is a wildlife refuge where visitors may anchor, picnic, hike, scuba and snorkel.

Flora & Fauna

On the Coronado Island you can find sea dahlias, various species of cactus, wild cucumber and houseleek. Also there are colonies of birds that nest on the island and can be spotted in the nearby waters like pelicans, gulls, petrels, osprey, boobys,frigates, and sea ducks. Snorkelling is a favorite activity here and it is easy to hire a Panga to cruise around this volcanic island and enjoy shallow or deep water snorkelling or diving.

It’s common to see sea lions, dolphins, and whales seasonally.

Pets not allowed on Island. Primitive bathroom facilities on the main beach.

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