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Spongebob Churros

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Chomping on Cartoonish Fritters

Rating: 3/5 
Josh Lurie
Reviewed: June 4, 2012

Holy copyright infringement, Batman. Seemingly at every turn, a different American cartoon character is endorsing a local restaurant or shop, unbeknownst to their creators across the border. At least Spongebob knew to back a winner. Near La Paz’s Mercado Francisco Madero, Spongebob graces the walls of a churro stall. The open-air booth fries their dough sticks to order until they become crunchy, with just enough give in the center. A woman rolled them in a liberal coating of cinnamon and sugar until they achieved satisfaction on a granular level. They slide the churros into a brown paper bag, so it’s easy to snack and stroll.

This review was submitted by Joshua Lurie, a writer from Los Angeles. Joshua has participated in the Scribes program, a program designed to encourage writers to create original content about Baja California. Baja Scribes may receive food, lodging or payment, but they are encouraged to submit their own opinions on this site, which may not reflect the views or opinions of Joshua’s website documenting his travels can be found here.

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