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Restaurant Playa Pichilingue

Enjoy a day in the beach and eat exquisite food in the most heavenly place of Baja California Sur.

Fish Tacos, shrimp tacos, fish different styles, ceviches and much more.


Dropping Anchor for Local Seafood

Rating: 3/5 
Joshua Lurie
Reviewed: May 18, 2012

We just finished swimming with sea lions and snorkeling with fish, so of course the next logical step was to eat mass quantities of seafood? Apparently. Not that we were complaining. People can drive to Restaurant Playa Pichilingue - a palapa roofed restaurant that’s been outside La Paz since 1972 – but it’s more dramatic to drop anchor by their dock and wade through water to reach the beach and open-air dining room. We found mixed success with the food, which all arrived on heaping platters. They overcooked the massive, crisp-skinned red snapper, and too many of the heated dishes incorporated cream, cheese, or both. However, we couldn’t get enough of the hyper-local chocolata clams, which writhed on the half-shell, sweet, briny and lime-dressed. The firm sea scallops were also a hit. And beer sure was refreshing after a day in the sun, but my chelada was practically punishing thanks to the tidal wave of lime and salt.

This review was submitted by Joshua Lurie, a writer from Los Angeles. Joshua has participated in the Scribes program, a program designed to encourage writers to create original content about Baja California. Baja Scribes may receive food, lodging or payment, but they are encouraged to submit their own opinions on this site, which may not reflect the views or opinions of Joshua’s website documenting his travels can be found here.

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