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Loncheria La Morena

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Bravo to Baja Seafood Counter

Rating: 4/5 
Josh Laurie
Reviewed: June 4, 2012

We walked the tiled floor of La Paz’s Mercado Bravo and settled on Loncheria La Morena, a seemingly basic seafood stall from an Acapulco native that exceeded expectations. They produced some excellent, high value comfort food, including Machaca de Pescado, shredded yellowtail stewed with tomato, onions and mild chile poblano. Pescado Empanizado involved a crispy breaded fillet of a flaky fish called pierna, which benefited from a squeeze of lime. Of course, people in the City of Peace can’t live on seafood alone, and La Morena obliges with a cracking carne de puerco, tender chunks of pork shoulder braised in guajillo chile sauce, served with deluxe refried beans and steaming flour tortillas.

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