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La Paz FAQs

A Day of the Dead Altar in La Paz

What’s the best way to get to La Paz?

The closest international airports are LAP in La Paz and SJD/Los Cabos. Bus service is available to/from Loreto, Todos Santos, and Tijuana.

What kind of transportation is available once I arrive?

It’s not necessary to have a car in La Paz, although rentals are available at the airport as well as various locations downtown. Taxis are readily available, and city buses are another option for getting around.

How expensive is it to travel to La Paz?

Airfare into LAP runs quite a bit higher than fares to Los Cabos. But the convenience of landing right outside the city is hard to beat. You’ll have to drive two+ hours to get to the city from SJD.

What is the cost of living in La Paz?

As a small city with lots of competing businesses, La Paz tends to be relatively more affordable for expats  than other Baja locales.

What kind of accommodations does La Paz have?

La Paz has hostels, budget motels, business hotels, boutique inns, and full-service resorts.

Where’s the best place to stay in my price range?

Do I need reservations before I arrive? Most of the budget options are in the city center, walking distance to the malecon. A few boutiques are located in residential neighborhoods. Upscale resorts are on the beach, at the outskirts of town.

What local foods should I try in La Paz?

Seafood tacos are a must.

Where do I buy groceries in La Paz?

There are small neighborhood markets and big box supermarkets, including Chedraui, Aramburo, Plaza Ley, and Soriana.

What kind of restaurants are there in La Paz?

Everything from street food to casual eateries to fine dining. Cuisines includes Mexican, Italian, French, Chinese, and Japanese.

How do I avoid getting sick?

Wash all produce in purified water before eating and take it easy with spicy foods at first.

Can I drink the water?

Bottled water is recommended.

What are the most popular activities in La Paz?

Shopping, kayaking, snorkeling/diving, beaches, sportfishing, hiking and mountain biking.

How do I get in touch with local outfitters and tour guides?

Visit the Activities directory for listings.

When is the best time to do these activities in La Paz?

Summer and fall are ideal for diving, fishing and paddling.

Will my cell phone work in La Paz?

Yes, provided you have activated it for international service in Mexico.

How do I make a local phone call? International?

The area code for La Paz is 612.

Is there internet access in La Paz?

Yes, Wi-Fi is readily available in hotels and cafes.

Is it safe to travel in La Paz?

Yes, La Paz is very safe and easy to navigate as a visitor.

What if I have an emergency?

Call 066 for any emergency.

Will my ATM card work at banks in La Paz?

Yes, there are several ATMs in the city center.

Will businesses accept my credit card in La Paz?

Yes, many businesses accept credit cards.

How do I get Mexican pesos?

You can withdraw pesos using your ATM card.

Can I pay in US dollars?

U.S. dollars are not as readily accepted in La Paz as in Los Cabos. You will likely need pesos to pay in cash in small businesses.

What should I pack for a trip to La Paz?

Don’t forget your camera, tropical attire, sports equipment, sunscreen, hat, and a good book for the beach.