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December in La Paz

By Jonathan Roldan

It’s already December and our annual influx of snowbirds have arrived here in La Paz.  Lots of folks from Canada and other cold climates have either come to vacation for a few days or a week or so.  Or, they’re going to spend their entire winter here.  Many of them are regulars and it’s good to see many old friends and faces.  It changes the whole complexion of the city.

During other times of the year, we’re a bit more “touristy.”  La Paz is kind of unique.  Even when we’re “touristy” we’re not really.  Let’s just say we’re “tourist friendly” without the over-the-top commercialism you’ll find in places like Cancun, Puerta Vallarta or even our neighbor to the south, Cabo San Lucas.  But, beyond winter, you see many more families and fishermen and outdoor folks doing outdoor things like fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, boat trips to the islands, kayaking, etc.  There’s a tad more hustle-and-bustle going on.

Right now, our visitors are not in such a hurry to climb on a boat or run to the dive shop or get on the beach.  They move at a slower and more relaxed pace.  I sense many of them are just happy and perfectly content that they are able to enjoy real sunshine on their faces and stroll around in shorts and flip-flops instead of shuffling around in down jackets and cold weather gear like the neighbors they left at home.  For however long they will be here in town, they just seem to revel in the warmth and sunshine.



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