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Camping in La Paz: A Local Perspective

Camping in La Paz provided some wonderful childhood memories…

By Kennia Thackaberry

Beach camping in La Paz is a tradition among paceños. Some of the best memories from my childhood are the week long camping trips we took during vacations. The adventure started once we left the highway to embark on a wild off-road ride. After what seemed forever, we always ended up at a solitary beach eager to set up our campground and dive in the water.

Beach camping in La Paz

Camping at El Coyote beach near the city of La Paz has grown in popularity and new roads provide easier access to most beaches. However, the camping experience hasn’t changed much. The majority of us still like to practice beach camping the “old fashioned way:” pick a spot, pitch a tent and be resourceful.When camping, the level of comfort is a matter of preference and it is up to you to bring everything you need. But if you want to experience camping in La Paz, here are just a few things to consider:

Where to go?

The beaches between El Coyote (past Tecolote beach) and Las Cruces are ideal. They are public, not crowded and have no restricted access or camping fees. It is a first-come first-serve adventure. To get there, you need to drive on dirt roads and sand, so a car with four wheel-drive can make a big difference.


Camping in La Paz might include an overnight at El Coyote beach on the Sea of Cortez

What to expect?

  • Since the closest market is at least hours away carry enough food and purified water.
  • Keep an extra cooler with a block of ice (a lot cheaper and lasts longer, although not for consumption).
  • Invest in a good shade. The sun is strong even in the winter time and shade becomes a necessity.
  • On rare occasions, some of us have encountered raccoons at some of these beaches, so keep food away from their reach.
  • There are no facilities so you are responsible for your own trash and waste.

Overall, as every activity that involves leaving your home, beach camping requires a lot of preparation. But whether you like to sleep in a tent or travel in a fully equipped van, the rewards of waking up to the rustling sound of the water hitting the shore, makes it all worth it.

This combination of adventure and escape is what makes beach camping one of the great activities La Paz has to offer.

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About Kennia Thackaberry

Kennia Thackaberry was born and raised in the quiet city of La Paz. Her love for Baja started at a young age and grew deeper after exploring the peninsula with her family on many camping and hiking trips. Through her work as a freelance writer she shares her knowledge and passion for the beautiful place she calls home.

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