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Camping at Espiritu Santo Island and Isla Partida

Want to Get Away from it All?  Try Camping at Espiritu Santo Island and Isla Partida, La Paz!

Maybe it is time to get to La Paz and take the short boat trip to go camping at Espíritu Santo Island (Holy Spirit Island) and Isla Partida (Island that Parted) that are separated by a narrow isthmus.  Here, you will find tranquility, natural beauty and some of Baja’s most spectacular views of the sparkling Sea of Cortez.  And there is, possibly, no better to way experience this magical serenity than in one of the islands’ protected coves that are bounded by rocky cliffs and coral reefs.  A paradise, you say?  That is, perhaps, why UNESCO has proclaimed this area to be a biosphere and a true eco-tourism destination.  Swimming, diving and kayaking are all popular past-times here, as is simply being at one with the earth, sky and sea.  The islands are just a short boat trip away from La Paz…and yet, the journey takes you to another world.

Photo courtesy of Grupo Fun Baja

Tours and guides are available to take you to the islands, and you can also take individual trips by hiring out panga boats ($125-150) but be aware that permits are required for camping, approximately $4 a day.  Permits can be obtained by calling the  SEMARNAT (a government office that is responsible for oversight of natural resources), at. 612/128-4171.


Camping at Espiritu Santo Island. Photo courtesy of Grupo Fun Baja


What is the best part about beach camping on these undeveloped islands, with their remote coves and shallow bays?  Maybe it is the scuba diving and snorkeling that allow you to have personal experiences in the clear water with the marine life that thrives in the coral reefs, or even interact with dolphins, manta rays, turtles and other denizens of the deep.    Maybe it is the sound of sea lions barking in the night, as you listen to the gentle lapping of  the waves that lulls you to sleep.  Or is it the absolute intimacy of sharing a luminous sunset with your partner, as you revel in warm, salt-scented breezes?  It might be all of these things, or even just knowing that you are having an exclusive and unique adventure that few of your compadres have ever enjoyed at Espiritu Santo Island and Isla Partida.


Camping at Isla Santo Espirit. Photo courtesy of Grupo Fun Baja


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