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Up Close and Personal with a Giant! More than just Whale Watching

Coming face to face (we’re talking kissing here) with the worlds largest animals is a breathtaking and even life changing experience. Baja is the wintering spot for these magnificent whales, and migrate here in droves. These powerful and majestic creatures are naturally curious and will approach the small skiffs as if to say helo to visitors.

Cross this off your “bucket list” and experience the wonder of these whales with the Cortez Club, today!

Share in the spectacle of the worlds longest migration, over 6,000 miles, as the Gray Whale arrives on the Pacific coast of Baja from the Bering Sea to breed and calf. This incredible marine mammal is the only species to have come back from the brink of extinction with over 1500 calves being born annually, weighing between 1500-2000 lbs at birth. They will grow to between 33-50 feet, and weigh as much as 70 tons. As many as 300 whales are present at San Carlos on any given day during their mating & calving season & happily approach the boats rubbing against the sides and rolling over.

After crossing the Baja from La Paz, on the Sea of Cortez to San Carlos on the Pacific by van we will venture into the bay aboard “Pangas” (motor skiffs) where we will have the privilege of viewing Grays close up. The fortunate may even be able to “Pet” or “kiss” a leviathan. This trip is an experience you will remember for a lifetime. Specialist guides will be at your disposal. Lunch is included and will be served at an enchanting local restaurant.

Expeditions departing daily at 0600 hours from the Cortez Club for  San Carlos  where breakfast is waiting, then aboard pangas for a two hour whale viewing trip. A seafood lunch follows, served in a local restaurant and clients return to La Paz after an exciting day.

$180.00 PER PERSON

Price is subject to 11% sales tax

Cost includes all transfers, meals, soft drinks, guide & boat trip


Available late January – early March.

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