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What Would 007 Do? – Why Cruise the Sea of Cortez in these Luxury Yachts, of course.

Whether you are “Double 0” Agent, or an entry level Customer Service Agent, Rock Star or Rock Masson, you’ll have to agree, there is no greater luxury than cruising in your own private yacht. The Cortez Club fleet includes some of the finest and most modern vessels in all of Baja. The experienced crew, ensures not a single detail is overlooked, and that you get the 5 star treatment, even before you board your luxury yacht (don’t believe us? ask Jennifer Lopez).

The Epitome of Luxury; 106 ft. of it.

The Flagship of the fleet is a 106ft Broward offering 3 state rooms, and three twin bunk rooms which comfortably welcome your guests and family in full luxury, and provide a private sanctuary wether staying overnight or simply cruising the white sand beaches and islands off the coast of La Paz.

For those who look for more activity and excitement when on holiday, this boat is fully equipped; offering scuba diving andsport fishing on the flip of a switch. You are the commander of your floating palace aboard the Esprit, just say the word and the Cortez Club will turn wishes into realities. That’s the magic of Yachting.

Day trips aboard the Esprit start at $5,000 dollars a day plus 11% tax.

72 ft. of Class and Style

Fast, sleek, and beautiful, this gorgeous 72 ft Buddy Davis, stands ready to create the memory of a lifetime for you and your guests. The stylish interior and state of the art technology provide a top notch experience, weather you are a water lover, a pro-angler, or simply someone who delights in the finer thing of life. This boat is most at home however, when sport fishing the sea or cortez. With two King State Rooms and tow Twin Bunk Rooms (all fully equipped of course) this yacht sleeps 8 in comfort and class.

Day trips start at $3,000 dollars plus 11% tax per day. Multiple day charters cost $3,600 dollars plus tax per 24 hour period.

63 ft. Dream Machine

Cooler than the latest iPad, more luxurious than most people’s homes, and made for the ultimate in Sport Fishing and Cruising this 63ft Bertram delivers every time. Experience 5 star luxury without breaking the bank as as you board the Sundance. This is a fully equipped sport fisher with two king state rooms, galley and air conditioned salon.

Day trips start at $1,800 dollars plus 11% tax per day. Multiple day charters cost $2,000 dollars plus tax per 24 hour period.


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