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Sano’s Steak House: Ensenada’s Prime Choice

by Tom Gatch

Sano's Steak House: Great food and an inspired bar in Ensenada

After decades of political correctness, it has once again become socially acceptable for a person to admit that relishing the sheer primal delight of sinking teeth into a tender piece of steak, a juicy chop or a succulent slice of roast.  And, to our good fortune, Ensenada diners have been blessed with a gourmet quality purveyor of premier quality grilled and roasted meats that will delight even the most jaded gringo palate at Sano’s Steak House.

While it was certainly possible to enjoy a decent steak at a restaurant in Baja California during the later part of the 20th Century, finding a truly satisfying chunk of prime grade beef south of the border was not a given. In fact, up until the past decade or so, it was virtually impossible for restaurants in Baja to match the exquisite quality of beef found in high profile stateside steakhouses.  But, luckily, that is no longer the case.


Sano's Steak House is the Ensenada choice for grilled rib eye and all cuts of prime beef (their rack of lamb is a luscious favorite, too!)

Around these parts, the Hussong family name has long been associated with their world famous downtown cantina and a few other successful local businesses, but without a doubt, their Sano’s Steakhouse has now become one of their most revered operations; at least in the eyes of carnivores.


Sano's Steak House has recently undergone a huge remodel...but elements of the past still lend sunny charm.

Situated at the end of the toll highway, just before Ensenada’s commercial maritime basin, its mission style design invites visions of old Mexico.  Once beyond its rustically arched wooden doorway, guests find themselves in a beautiful Mediterranean-like garden that is burgeoning with bursts of color from a variety of foliage that abounds therein, and also festoons an antique horse cart that sits in the middle of the courtyard.

As in many other fine steakhouses, the interior décor of the dining room is darkly elegant and features a high staff to diner ratio, which helps to accommodate the impeccable service that Sano’s has gained the reputation for consistently delivering over the years.  But for a vast majority of their regular clientele, it is the quality of the meat that brings them back here again and again.

For starters, the house tortilla soup is rich and toothsome, with just the right density of chili and seasoning to awaken the taste buds for the wonderful meal yet to come.  Likewise, the spinach salad with its imported goat cheese and excruciatingly fresh greens is hard to beat if you are in the mood for something a bit lighter.


The Tower of Blue Cheese at Sano's Steak House is a wonder to behold...and to taste!

One of the most regularly ordered entrees at Sano’s is the rack of lamb.  Tender and expertly cooked to order, these succulent clusters of cutlets are topped with a densely flavorful demi-glaze that might prompt Emeril Lagasse to weep with joy.Also magnificent, are the generous cuts of New York and rib eye steak, which come with a fresh vegetable and your choice of potato.  But perhaps the best value in the house is their mouthwatering filet mignon.  Virtually fork tender, this thick, heavenly piece of tenderloin is wrapped in bacon, grilled to your specifications and covered with a luscious crème and mushroom sauce.


An erstwhile favorite at Sano's Steak House is filet mignon in a luscious, creamy mushroom sauce.


When paired with one of their fine Baja wines, like an L.A. Cetto Nebiolo, guests are set to enjoy an elegant, world class dining experience that would be difficult to match anywhere in the region.  But be sure to call Sano’s well in advance of your intended time of arrival to make a reservation; otherwise, you and your dining party may end up being unnecessarily disappointed.

Where is Sano’s Steak House:  Sano’s Steak House is located at Km. 108.5 on Highway 1, the scenic road to Ensenada, near the Hotel Coral and Las Rosas Hotel. Open daily, between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m.  For reservations, call (local) 646-174-4061. MC & VISA accepted

What to expect:  Expect outstanding service, consistently excellent food, and upper-end prices (but worth every delicious peso).  This is a beautiful location and an elegant environment…a great special occasion restaurant.

Hooked on Baja author & columnist, Tom Gatch, is one of Baja’s foremost writers with a focus upon outdoor and recreational topics in Baja and southern California.

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About Tom Gatch

For over a decade, Hooked on Baja author, Tom Gatch, has built a solid reputation as one of the foremost writers and columnists focusing on travel and recreational activities in Baja and southern California. His company, El Puerto Creative Consultants provides professional copy writing services and creative support for business entities on both sides of the border.


  1. Ed Thomas says:

    Take a lesson other steak house restaurants, in any country. Sano’s has got it right. The professional, yet confident, yet friendly service is tops. The selections, well thought out, and each an example worthy of perfection……from the appropriate vintage, and grape, to fresh baked bread, to vegetables bright with color,,and big in flavor…….all setting the stage for the perfectly aged, and grilled steak, that can be dressed with a treasure of sauce if desired.
    My New York strip was dressed in a three pepper sauce. My guest had the filet ans mushroom sauce. Once you realize the conversation changed from that days fishing to “oh my heaven, this is absolutely the best steak I’ve ever, yes ever had.
    Regardless of the fishing, we’ll return to Marina Coral just to walk over to Sano’s for a dinner served with style, grace, and friendship.
    Thank you Sano’s.


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