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Carla White, Ensenada Amiga

Ensenada Amiga – Carla B. White

The Baja world is where grey whales meet blue whales and spout off together.  It’s where smiling lips (or the rims of margarita glasses) are frosted with sea salt.  It’s a fertile desert where tourism and culture clash together making some shake their heads and others gasp in awe.  It is where I live.

Specifically, I live in Ensenada, Baja California, the ‘friendly’ city an hour south of the US border on Baja’s Pacific Coast (also called The Gold Coast).  My husband Jim and I moved here eight years ago from Los Angeles.  It’s not that we didn’t/don’t love LA… we wanted to escape the traffic and hub-bub, live next to the ocean and near a wine valley, and actually fully own our own home in a beautiful place.  And we love Mexico.

What was Baja’s lure?  Like many Americans who ultimately come here to live, my attraction to the peninsula began many years ago when I was writing a freelance story for the LA Times (I worked for the newspaper for nearly 10 years and still write stories for their special sections).   We had taken a car ferry over from mainland Mexico to La Paz in southern Baja, and then we drove north through Ensenada towards the border.  It was Halloween and we were lucky to snag a room at the now-iconic La Fonda hotel, where the hotel’s flamboyant owner annually hosted a bizarre and raucous costume party…well, that’s another story for another blog.

Anyway, suffice it to say that we were seduced by the colorful characters – Mexican and American – whom we met along the way; by the natural beauty of this place, and by the opportunity to live a tranquil and rich lifestyle that we could not have afforded in the US.  We both work from home (Jim’s a marketing consultant with clients in Canada and the US and I am a writer and co-organizer of the Baja Book Festival) and how cool is that?  Not too much bad about watching heron, hawks and hummingbirds from my desk and closing up shop at the end of the day to go to Splash! restaurant for $1.50 fish tacos.

So Ensenada is home base and there’s a lot to share about it.  And the Ensenada Amiga is ready to talk – honestly, I am.


Carla White



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