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State Mountain Bike Race (Stage 8/8) – Ensenada

This is the eight and last of eight stages that will take place between February and August 2012.

February 5th, 2012: 1st Stage State and Municipal (Rancho Las Chichihuas)
February 26th, 2012: 2nd Stage State and Municipal (Rancho Santa Cruz, San Antonio de las Minas)
March 11th, 2012: 3rd Stage (Rancho Montealban, San Antonio de las Minas)
April 15th, 2012: 4th Stage (Canon de Dona Petra)
May 13th, 2012: 5th Stage (Rancho Lara, Piedras Gordas)
June 10th, 2012: 6th Stage (Rancho Caballito, Piedras Gordas, Club Ah Barbaros!)
July 8th, 2012: 7th Stage (Rancho Beltran)
August 12th, 2012: 8th Stage (Canon de Dona Petra)

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