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State Mountain Bike Race (Stage 1/8) – Ensenada

This race consistently draws the best riders in the state, all competing for the glory of victory in both championships, state and municipal. Registrations will be accepted on the day of the race up until 15 minutes before the start, closing for the fist group at 10:45am and at 12:15pm for the second.

Children will start at 9:30. The first group will start at 11:00am, the second at 12:30pm fromRancho Las Chichihuas.

Registration Cost: General: $160 pesos. Children: $80 pesos

There will also be food, music, and a family friendly environment– making this truly an event for everyone.

This is the first of eight stages that will take place between February and August 2012.

February 5th, 2012: 1st Stage State and Municipal (Rancho Las Chichihuas)
February 26th, 2012: 2nd Stage State and Municipal (Rancho Santa Cruz, San Antonio de las Minas)
March 11th, 2012: 3rd Stage (Rancho Montealban, San Antonio de las Minas)
April 15th, 2012: 4th Stage (Canon de Dona Petra)
May 13th, 2012: 5th Stage (Rancho Lara, Piedras Gordas)
June 10th, 2012: 6th Stage (Rancho Caballito, Piedras Gordas, Club Ah Barbaros!)
July 8th, 2012: 7th Stage (Rancho Beltran)
August 12th, 2012: 8th Stage (Canon de Dona Petra)

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