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Grand Verbena in Ensenada

Ensenada is gaining international recognition as a leader in gastronomy.  And, this friendly city is at its most beautiful in November.  Find out more at the Grand Verbena in Ensenada, a special event, open to the public.  Beginning at noon, the Grand Verbena will feature wineries, artisanal cheese producers, craft brews, top restaurants and more. There is free entry and it is easy to find the event at the main civic plaza (near the ‘big heads’).  Remember, this is an official event, but sometimes events times and dates change!  Even if it does, you will enjoy your visit to Ensenada.  Want to find out where to stay in Ensenada?


The Grand Verbena in Ensenada also features music, and area for children and more. And you are within walking distance of hotels, restaurants and even the famous Mercado Negro — the Black Market for fish.

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