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Diving with a GREAT WHITE SHARK off Guadalupe Island

Enter to WIN a once in a lifetime 5 day, 4 Night, diving expedition with The GREAT WHITE SHARK, when you visit the Booth at the LA Travel Show.

Experience the dive of a lifetime when you meet the Great White Shark nose to nose. The apex predator found off the coast of Baja’s Guadalupe Island greets divers with all levels of experience, in the way that only a Great White can; with a raw display of power and awe-inspiring beauty.

On your adventure, you’ll live aboard the comfortably appointed , 110 ft., aluminum hull, Liveaboard Dive Boat, the Sea Escape, on your 5 or 7 day adventure.

Your fist morning off Guadalupe Island starts with a complete briefing from the certified divemasters as the dive cases are being lowered and equipment is being checked. After this, divers are hooked-up to their air hoses (no certification required)  and allowed to enter the cages in groups of 2 or 4, or for those more experienced divers (certification, BCD and regulator required) a submersible case is ready for use by 2 divers at a time, with a maximum depth of 60 ft. .

The experienced crew, who has worked on Shark Week 2011 and BBC documentaries, so even though your heart may be racing during your dive with a great white shark, you know you are in good hands…as long as they keep those hands inside the cage.

About the Sea Escape

The Sea Escape is a well equipped scuba diving liveaboard with a large dive deck and swim deck, a new 65 KW generator as well as 2 high pressure compressors, and the interiors were designed in a way that all cabins except # 5, have a ensuite toilet and shower, A/C, 2 beds, and storing space.


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