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Villa del Faro

East Cape Rental like no other – Villa del Faro

Secluded, luxurious off-the-grid paradise in true Baja style

Villa del Faro is a hidden vacation rental oasis nestled on the Sea of Cortez with acres of private beach.

We are located about an hour from the shops of San Jose del Cabo and the Los Cabos Airport, an hour and a half from busy Cabo San Lucas . . . but a world away in seclusion and serenity.

It is one of the most beautiful hideaways on the East Cape of Baja Sur and is now offering exclusive and exquisite accommodations and cuisine.  We invite you to enjoy a level of vacation excellence that is not lost and gone forever, but increasingly hard to find.

This East Cape vacation rental is a secluded romantic getaway, a private garden enclave, a writer’s or artist’s retreat and a culinary mecca.  It is an example of fine off the grid environmental living.  It is not about shopping, barhopping, or golf.

We offer six very different accommodations, from the most rustic stone beach cottage, built literally ON the beach (before we knew you couldn’t do such things but finally managed, in the best Mexican tradition, to obtain forgiveness) to the very elegant pool house which includes a large palapa over a lovely outdoor living area with attached full kitchen.

The villa was created as a labor of love by artisans and architects and is an American family enterprise.  The property was purchased in 1989, and building started the next year. We ran a large construction company in Los Angeles and thought the Baja property would become a wonderful vacation place for both our family and company members, being a short flight from LA.

Since the family consists of many artistic and talented people, everyone – parents, children and friends – wanted to contribute.  Molds were made for tile, moldings and balustrades. There was an in-house woodcarver and furniture maker, who made the doors, chests and tables. A local iron worker fashioned the iron gates and some of the windows. The crew was gathered from one small town in mainland Mexico and, as more were needed, more came. Everyone lived in tents and food was prepared by a local Mexican policeman who loved to cook, out of an outdoor kitchen attached to a camper. ( That same man now owns and runs a little restaurant in a town north of here.) Many of our children “cut their teeth” here, going on to become landscape architects, architects, builders, running construction companies of their own, painters, sculptors, with a real set of experiences to get them started. Hauling in trees, mixing cement in a hole in the ground, nothing but hand tools. Everyone learned from the bottom up.

The family members who run and lovingly maintain Villa del Faro fluctuate somewhat but maintain basic continuity throughout the year.  Like the birds, they change seasonally too.

There are artists, writers (The Eye of the Whale was written here), architects, designers, musicians, still working and playing here on and off all year. The Fort Hill family which created Villa del Faro has survived hard times, good times, bad press, good press and each other, since 1966 when it all began. They learned that living beautifully is an art.

We like good books, great food, music, exquisite surroundings, comfortable ambiance, the sound of the ocean to put you to sleep, the great outdoors –  a conscious embrace of all living things –  and offer this opportunity for appreciation to the adventurous and open.

Villa del Faro is not a place for everyone. It offers solitude instead of shops, long walks on the best swimmable beach on the East Cape, hikes into the deep arroyos instead of golf, watching the whales play from your private balcony instead of TV, and personal care from the friendly family who run and own it. When the family says “off the grid”, it is real! . Everything at the Villa is run on solar power, supplemented occasionally by a generator if there is a run of cloudy days.  There are propane hot water heaters, propane refrigerators, stoves. There is no microwave. The drinking water is trucked in and stored in a big tank where it is cleaned and purified. For the landscaping we have a well in the arroyo which supplies fresh but highly mineralized water. Water conservation is always of the utmost priority as everyone who lives in this area knows.   In large part, the grounds have been xeric planted. This is definitely a “green” residence.  We have modest computer and TV service supplied by satellite. Skype, which usually functions, can be used for emergencies.

There are few places left in the world where, on any given morning, you can look a half mile north or south and not see a single other person, just the birds in the air, the fish in the sea, the occasional whale (especially between December and April). We are adjacent to a surf break  which is not only known locally but, when conditions are perfect (which happens once or twice a year) people come from as far as Europe to enjoy. The storms which create these perfect waves start anywhere from South America to New Zealand and can be predicted just far ahead enough to send global messages  to those who have surf alert subscriptions.

Since we have a well and keep flowering desert plants and cacti, over the last twenty years there has been a noticeable expansion of the number of local and migratory birds as well as small mammals such as foxes and the occasional lost cat. We have become an ecological niche of our own which includes desert plants and species of amphibian and insect seen only here.

Villa del Faro was started because of the unique enviroment and over the years, has become a home not only for us but the natural world which surrounds us. If you are looking to get away from everything, or you want to be alone with the stars and the sound of the waves, you will love Villa del Faro. Come join us for the vacation of a lifetime.

Stone Beach Cottage – is literally right on the beach. Originally built for overnight picnics for the many children in the family, it has a definite fairy tale quality, a house for Bilbo Baggins. One of the most popular rentals, it is obviously for the young at heart, the inveterate camper. Gather drift wood, build a fire, grill a fish caught on shore, watch the stars. We provide a cooler for ice and other needs, like keeping the wine cool. This cabin is not for the timid, but is unsurpassed for its intimate connection to the famed Baja shore. Much of the time you can swim just outside your door. Swimming is always safe and easy for all ages at the beach a few minutes walk to the North.  What better way to experience the true Baja Sur than a unique stone cottage directly on the sand – thirty feet from the water line on its own stretch of beach. The walls are two feet thick, the roof is thatched and a series of arched windows look out directly on the white sand, the Sea of Cortez, flocks of pelicans and breaching humpback whales. The romantic cabin has a fireplace (with loads of driftwood for fires), a comfortable queen bed, and solar electrical light. There is an outdoor solar shower (warm in winter afternoons, hot in the spring and summer) and an outdoor privy. A few steps up the cliff is a large tiled Summer House with outdoor furniture and recessed solar-powered lighting.

Casa Azul – The latest addition is a lovely casita with full bath, fireplace, and queen-sized bed, outdoor sitting area with ocean view, hammock for sleeping on hot nights. Located nearer the main house and our kitchen so possibly a little less secluded than other casitas at different times of the day, but offers a good value.

Casita Dos – Two suites, one with a full bath, the other with a half bath and a wonderful outdoor shower, are joined together by a lovely living room with a small icebox and burner for making coffee. Both rooms have fireplaces and are beautifully appointed with charming hand carved Mexican furniture, and original art. There is an outdoor terrace under a large tree with views of the pool and the ocean, the beaches, and the garden. These rooms can be rented separately or as one unit.

Casita Tres – A large bedroom with a canopied queen bed, and a fireplace, it has a separate sitting area which can accommodate another single bed or crib. It has a full bath, and its own private terrace overlooking the ocean.

Hand-carved furniture, gorgeous rugs, tiled floors, original art and carved moldings combine to make this a truly wonderful place to stay. The sliding glass doors in the bedroom open up to a private garden where there is a large palapa with comfy furniture and lovely views of the sea and palms and flowers. A place for reading one of the many books from the family’s collection, sipping a margarita, or just hanging out with friends.

Casa Alberca – Our unique private villa built by artisans.

The “Pool House” or Casa Alberca is a large palm-roofed palapa with a living room, kitchen, full bath and two showers. The living room opens up to the 50 foot pool and fountains and gardens. There is a large separate bedroom and bath, with French doors opening to a  balcony overlooking the desert and the sea. There are fireplaces in each room . A magnificent space. It has been used for elaborate parties, and still is on occasion. We most recently hosted a Valentine party for forty.

It sits alongside a 50 x 27 foot mosaic tiled swimming pool with 3,000 square feet of poolside terrace.





  • Internet

  • Kitchen(ette)

  • Ocean View

  • Pool/Jacuzzi

  • Restaurant

Stone Beach Cottage - $140/night (includes full gourmet breakfast) plus 14% local taxes.
Casa Azul - $150/night (includes full gourmet breakfast) plus14% local taxes
Casita Dos - $265/night each room or $500/night for both (includes full gourmet breakfast) plus 14% local taxes.
Casita Tres - $325/night (includes full gourmet breakfast) plus 14% local taxes.
Casa Alberca - $425 per night (includes full gourmet breakfast) plus 14% local taxes.

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