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Los Cabos Beach Bar Restaurant – Crossroads Country Club

Los Cabos Beach Bar Restaurant

Crossroads Country Club – off-the-beaten track, on the beach

The owners of the Los Cabos beach bar restaurant Crossroads Country Club clearly have a sense of humor. While it is located at the crossroads of the Coast and Palo Escopeta Roads, smack dab in the middle of the East Cape and about as far from “civilization” as you can get, it is by no means a country club. Don’t worry about donning your whites, ties or polo shirts, just come as you are and bring your appetite.

Does your idea of a good time include sea, sand, great fresh food and a few cold ones? If the answer is yes, then the Crossroads Country Club is one place you must visit. They serve inventive and delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners using the freshest ingredients available including local fish, and Baja grown herbs and vegetables. Among the specialties are fish and shrimp tacos smothered in sauteed red and yellow peppers and onions, served with saffron rice and beans. All bold in color and flavor. For those favoring Mexican cuisine, you can try the shrimp cocktail, ceviche, aguachile or  guacamole. The owner is a paisan, originally from New York, and prepares some tasty and authentic Italian dishes including prize winning puttanesca, chicken picatta, homemade pesto and spicy shrimp over pasta. And if you would like a good old hamburger, they’ve got that too. The modern building that houses this laid-back Los Cabos beach bar restaurant sits right at the water’s edge off a pristine and secluded beach. Set against the marine landscape it is truly a sight to behold.

The Crossroads Country Club Bar and Restaurant Story

The Crossroads Country Club bar and restaurant opened in April of 2003, housed under a palapa and stocked with a cooler full of beer. After a short time, it evolved to an 8×8 building, still under the palapa but now with some tables, chairs and a few hammocks. The menu was basic and offered two items – their signature taco and a caprese salad. Eventually, they added pastas to the menu. The owner Joan is a native New York Italian who started cooking at the age three. Joan dedicates her life to finding new recipes and is often seen pouring over a recipe book while watching the cooking channel.  Joan personally trains each chef in the art of Italian cooking using her family recipes while the Mexican chefs bring their talents and twists on authentic Mexican dishes to the menu.

Mexican and Italian Food – Baja Style

Crossroads Country Club specializes in the bright and bold foods of Mexico and Italy. They use only red and yellow sweet peppers, saffron to season and color the rice, black beans to enhance the colors on the plate and lots of gorgeous green cilantro for garnish. They specialize in fish dishes. The chips are homemade, colored and flavored with chipotle and jalapeno peppers. The Italian dishes are made with fresh tomatoes and kalamata olives, capers and lots of parsley for color and flavor. Every bite bursts with color and flavor. We even make our own ice cream.

The Crossroads Country Club is built in a very hip, contemporary design with many unusual features including giant windows that open all the way from floor to ceiling, giving patrons an unobstructed view of the Sea of Cortez and Punta Perfecta, a private beach. People often come to spend the day playing games and reading, walking on the beach, eating, drinking and just generally having a great time. It is a very romantic place with incredible whale watching during the winter months. Family and dog friendly, kids play in the sand and dogs run on the beach.

This is the most unusual and restaurant on the East Cape. All in all a must see and for sure, a must taste!

Live Music at  Los Cabos Bar Restaurant Crossroads Country Club

The Crossroads Country Club rocks to live music on Saturday nights from November to the end of June. They have a small stage that often has a gorgeous sunset or an incredible moonrise behind the band and they feature all kinds of music from rock to latin to reggae to jazz, blues and beyond. Every week is something different.

Upcoming live music and other events at the Crossroads Country Club:

Notes from the owners

Feel free to ask questions if you need more info. The Crossroads Country Club is a cutting edge restaurant and bar, which also provides fabulous accommodations at its new Vida Soul Hotel. VISA/MASTERCARD/CARNET accepted.




Crossroads Country Club

Rating: 5/5 
Ann Shephard
Reviewed: July 4, 2012

It is a long road to the Crossroads but well worth the drive, you can't beat them for ambiance and menu selections. They sit on a private beach in a large contemporary home/restaurant and bar. You can sit there all day and play games and eat and drink, go for a swim if you wish. When I'm there I enjoy the pastas, the puttanescas or picattas but they have something for everyone.

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