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Have a Baja Moment! Stay at the East Cape Eco-Hotel Villa del Faro

Walking the grounds of Villa del Faro, the gorgeous East Cape family retreat and boutique hotel, you may be overcome by the surfeit of sensory impressions – original artworks and breathtaking views surround you, luscious floral scents waft in from tropical gardens and the surrounding desert, soft warm breezes off the Sea of Cortez caress the skin, and American-Mexican cuisine entices first the nose and then the palate. While we may be limited in our ability to share with you the olfactory and tactile delights on tap, the following series of photographs will give you a taste of the visual banquet that awaits.


The sign marking the entrance to the hotel is both charming and unassuming; the hotel’s elegant luxury stands in stark contrast to its rugged desert surroundings.

VdF 2

At the top of a Romanesque set of stairs, just inside the magnificent entryway, is one of seven water fountains that ornament the hotel, as well as a stairwell that’s straight out of Casablanca. The stairs’ impressive cast-iron handrail was salvaged by the family during their renovation of one of the Warner Brothers’ estates (the hotel’s owners have operated a construction firm since the mid-70s and, having gained a reputation for fine work, count many of Hollywood’s elite among their clientele). It is rumored that the handrail once adorned stairs upon which Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers danced .

VdF 3a

Original artwork, murals and tasteful decor abound, gracing every room and passageway.

VdF 3

Beyond the main entrance and the salon-style sitting area, your eyes follow a beautiful series of balustrades to another water fountain, surrounded by lush tropical foliage.

VdF 4

 Architectural details suggest grandeur, romance, an age thought long past, and everywhere flowers, palms, lusciousness.

VdF 5

Villa del Faro was lovingly and thoughtfully created by the owners’ family, with no details left unattended.

VdF 6

 Charming trompe l’oeil murals welcomes new arrivals.

VdF 7

Just past the mural, creating a focal point at the top of two sets of stairs, stands an impressive lion-head fountain surrounded by a trailing Copa de Oro (“cup of gold”) and colorful bougainvillea flowers.

VdF 8

There is a certain mystery surrounding this place, as though it exists outside of time, in another world free of the concerns of everyday life. It beckons us to slow down and soak in the seemingly unreal majesty life can possess, even if only for a few glorious days.

VdF 9

The Pool House and pool create a glamorous atmosphere, one that will leave you feeling as though you’re playing a part in your very own Hollywood movie – a romance of course.

VdF 10

Italian architecture throughout the property evokes romance, an inevitable aspect of Villa del Faro’s charm. In the evening, spectacular sunsets turn the sky shades of pink, crimson and lavender. You’ll be mesmerized, whether alone or with that special someone.

VdF 11

Looking for a remarkable way to start your day in paradise? Enjoy your breakfast at the private beach gazebo with its enchanting tile roof and hand-painted stenciling. Except for the unobtrusive attention of your hosts, it will feel like you’re the only people on Earth.

So what are you waiting for? Villa del Faro is the kind of place you get away to in order to awaken that sense of wonder once possessed and perhaps to discover something new about yourselves. Treat yourself to a long weekend or, better yet, a week of divine fine living by the Sea of Cortez. is a comprehensive online source of first-hand travel information for the Baja California Peninsula. We offer Baja travelers expert advice about local restaurantshotelsvacation rentals and activities, as well as guides, maps, complete event calendars and great stories about incredible travel destinations, from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas.  We also provide free personal travel consulting, planning and booking services in Los Cabos, Todos Santos and La Paz, with prices that match or are below best advertised price. For more information, please call toll-free (US/CAN) 855-BAJA-411 or email us at



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