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El Chorro Hot Spring

Located in the beautiful foothills of Baja California Sur’s Cape Region there’s a hidden place close by where natural warm thermal springs bubble up from the ground.

A Baja Adventure

If you are looking for some adventure to discover beautiful places, why not plan a day trip into the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna to find the El Chorro and Santa Rita Hot Springs, they are easily accessible by a regular 2-wheel drive rental car and along the way you will also be visiting some of our most  historic rural villages.

We recommend that you plan your trip for a weekday since the hot springs are packed on the weekend. Bring a lunch, some snacks, plenty of drinking water and leave early. Oh yes, don’t forget your camera and a map!  Your first destination will be the El Chorro Hot Spring west of the village of Agua Caliente.

El Chorro Hot Spring

El Chorro is a thermal hot spring near the small village of Agua Caliente. It is nestled in the Sierra de la Laguna mountain range, a biosphere set aside and protected by the Mexican government. El Chorro is a unique experience. Warm water bubbles up from beneath the ground as cool water drizzles down the sides of the mountains. The water combines to form a relaxing and therapeutic outdoor spa. Although El Chorro is the most accessible, other springs are close by and there are ample swimming and hiking opportunities.The entrance fee is 20 pesos per person. Make sure to bring snacks, maps and water.

Santa Rita Hot Spring

Your next Nature’s Hot Tub adventure is at the Santa Rita Hot Spring, around the corner from the small village of San Jorge.  Drive back to Agua Caliente and look for a sign on your left directing you to the small village of San Jorge which is about 15 minutes north.  If you don’t see one, don’t hesitate to ask someone! The local residents are always very helpful.  After you cross the Agua Caliente and  San Jorge arroyos, proceed up a hill which takes you into the village of San Jorge. Continue on until you come to a left hand turn in the road which will take you to the Santa Rita Hot Spring located in Canyon San Jorge.  A member of the local Ejido will take your entrance fee. After you park your car and climb over a group of  smooth rocks you will see a small pool of warm water. The tranquil setting of the Santa Rita Hot Spring provides a feeling of seclusion. It’s almost like you are in your own private paradise.

Arts & Crafts

As a finale to your Nature’s Hot Tub adventure, instead of going back to Highway #1 through Santiago, take the original Baja Highway south to Miraflores from Agua Caliente. It’s really quite easy and you’ll still come out at Highway #1. When you come to the school in Agua Caliente, you’re at the crossroad between Agua Caliente and Miraflores. Since there may not be a sign pointing south to Miraflores, you may need to ask someone to make sure you’re headed in the right direction. The winding dirt road south to Miraflores is well traveled by locals. On the way you will pass a couple of old shrines located at the top of a small hill. Mexicans put shrines in lots of places, but especially on top of hills to bless the journey! After the shrines, it’s only a mile or two to downtown Miraflores.  When you arrive, you will see shops that offer handmade leatherwork. Artisans in this historic village once made all of the saddles for ranches of the Sierra de Laguna mountains. The craft continues today along with handmade furniture and pottery.

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