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The Best Value Hotels in Cabo

By Meghan Fitzpatrick

Cabo San Lucas is a town with no shortage of hotels and resorts. Your choices seem endless, from some of the most luxurious hotels in the world to some definitely questionable establishments. Most people coming to Cabo are staying in one place for the duration of their trip, and they have decided upon their lodging prior to their arrival. However, for those just passing through Cabo, or simply in need of a room at the last minute, the following hotels are options that might be available without  reservations, even for late night arivals.  The added advantage is that most are budget-friendly.

The beach by Marbella Suites

1) Marbella Suites. This hotel is possibly the best value hotel in all of Los Cabos. It is extremely affordable and, for the price, you get a lot. As the name suggests, these are not rooms, they are suites. Thus, every room has a kitchen and living area to accompany it. The hotel has a very welcoming reception area – an open air lobby with polished white stone floors and comfy couches and chairs. The best thing about the open air lobby is that you can immediately see the ocean. The hotel sits on the south side of Highway Mexico 1, built into the side of the cliffs and hills overlooking the ocean, on the eastern Sea of Cortez side of the Baja Peninsula.

I have stayed in Marbella Suites often. The staff are friendly and accommodating, the suites are clean, and their restaurant serves above average food at a very good price. I am really pleased with what I get every time I stay here. Guest comfort is important at this pleasant hotel, where guests are literally welcomed individually via a written message on the ‘Welcome Board’ outside of the restaurant.

Finally, a special note about the beach and pool at Marbella Suites.  The pool is large, complete with a fountain and shallow area for kids. Pool-side there is a fantastic full bar in addition to a ping pong table and some comfortable lounge chairs. The beautiful beach is right next to the pool, near volcanic rock formations.   Waves crash over the rocks along the shore, making for some beautiful pictures. It’s not a swimming beach, but it’s definitely a nice beach for relaxing and enjoying a cocktail.

The suites at Marbella Suites vary in price, but even during peak season, it is not more than US$100 a night – and it’s worth every penny.

2) Hotel Mar de Cortez. This hotel is another little hidden gem in Cabo San Lucas. In terms of its location, if you are looking for a central location, you cannot beat it.  Situated on Avenida Lázaro Cardenas, this hotel is just a short distance from all of the clubs (Pink Kitty, Mandala, Squid Roe and Baja Junkie way).  That makes it handy if just in case, for whatever reason, you decide to spend the night in this immediate vicinity.

The hotel itself is clean and offers all of the basic conveniences that any traveler could need.  In addition, there is a large swimming pool in a hotel’s courtyard. The best thing about this hotel though is definitely the restaurant, Baja Peppers. Baja Peppers offers great food at very affordable prices. They have hearty breakfasts for an average of approximately US$3, excellent tacos, healthy-sized sandwiches, and a full dinner menu. They also boast a very ample wine list with a generous variety of wines to choose from.

A room at the Hotel Mar de Cortez is around US$50 per night – definitely a bargain.

3) The Cabo Inn Hotel. The Cabo Inn Hotel is said to be one of the most economical places in town. The location is great and very convenient — just off of the marina and right behind the clubs.   It is a good alternative if the night has been long and you don’t feel like driving or leaving the area.  All rooms have basic amenities and private bathrooms, and the hotel offers free wifi, a library, gym and more.  Additionally,  the rates at this hotel are not matched anywhere else in Cabo. A single room starts at US$39 nightly, and a 6-person room is available for US$120 per night. There is also a Palapa room with a hot tub available for US$120.

Cabo has it all, from the most spectacular resorts in the world, to some of the best bargains in the Baja. These hotels will all give you the most bang for your buck, and they have all come highly recommended by Cabo locals.

Do you know of any other hidden Cabo bargains? Let us know where you lodge when you’re on a budget.

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