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SUP Mexico Offers Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga

by Yesica Pineda

Breathing, concentration and fun:  Anyone who has consciously experienced these three things all at once would agree that the feeling might be described as a moment of bliss.  These are the basic objectives of the latest trend, Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga, according to those who teach the practice.

Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga

Society has always had a wonderful way of adapting and transforming ancient practices and philosophies to fit modern mentality and desires.  The practice of Yoga is a great example! How interesting it is that the oldest yoga texts which document this spiritual practice describe it mainly as a practice of meditation.  These writings note that the main goal of the practice is  to control the fluctuation of thoughts in order to awaken true awareness; additionally, the belief was and remains that by mastering the mind through a deeper understanding of natural laws, people can avoid illness and suffering.  Basically, the precept is that yoga helps us see things as they really are, and find peace within the fact (and even though) that we are always changing.


What better place to practice Stand UP Paddle Board Yoga than in beautiful Baja?

In the past, yoga practice consisted of long periods sitting in stillness, breathing, focusing, observing the sensations of the body, mastering the mind.  Yogis were so eager to reach the state of enlightenment that, in order to be able to stay sitting still longer, they developed body poses (asanas) to eradicate the discomfort felt by the body to enhance its flexibility, improve blood circulation, balance organ function and help detoxify cellular activity.  The physical benefits were outstanding, but only a bi-product of the real goal:  to experience true happiness.

Though consciousness is always evolving, in today’s society, physicality seems to be the priority.  Our modern mentality places more importance on the “How I look” aspect rather than the “How I feel,” and as a result yoga is mostly seen as a sport. Nonetheless, its true beauty always shines;  it really does not matter what makes you want to practice yoga — as long as you do practice it for whatever reason, you will eventually experience its original goal of true happiness.

So what makes our Baja experience unique when it comes to practicing Yoga? You guessed it:   Baja itself!

I only recently discovered that there is a sport out there called Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga.  Stand Up Paddle boarding or SUP  is a low impact sport that strengthens the core, tones every muscle and  gets you on the water enjoying nature. Women paddlers who love the ocean and are regular yoga practitioners find a perfect yoga  mat in their paddle board.

SUP instructor Pam Avila explains it like this: “I think the biggest challenge when you practice yoga is ‘living in the moment’.  Sometimes concentration can be really difficult, but when you are practicing yoga on a stand up paddle board you are 100 percent focused on what are you doing. The whole environment helps — the sun, the little waves on your board, the mountains around you. All these factors  help to really concentrate on trying to hold the posture longer, to focus on your breathing and also keep your balance.”


Stand Up Paddle Board yoga is about achieving balance, mentally and physically.

When you visit Baja, if you are looking for a fun water  activity that really makes you work the core, and at the same time gives you physical, mental and spiritual harmony,  this is the right one!  SUP Mexico  is  not just a store where you can find the best paddle boards brands on the market.  They also give SUP, SURF and SUP Yoga lessons, summer camps and trips to the most important break points and SUP sites that our beautiful Baja offers. Give them a call at 624 172 6046 from Mexico or 310 909 8533 from the USA. Or visit their websites at or  You can also follow them on Facebook / SUP Mexico and Twitter @ supmexico

Go SUP Mexico  and SUP Anywhere you can!!!

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