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Simple, Fun Adventure in Baja: Rancho Carisuva

by Yesica Pineda
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.  ~Leonardo DaVinci

Simplicity:  A wonderful gift of life

We live the adventure of life on a planet we call “Tierra:” A planet that travels around the Sun, which travels around the Milky Way Galaxy, and travels (relative to other galaxies) at a speed of about 3,728.23 miles per second. Three thousand seven hundred and twenty eight point twenty three miles every second… there, another 3,728.23 miles traveled…and another 3,728.23 miles just traveled…every second…

So why am I rushing? To get where?

Having this in mind, when I travel I try to experience time in the simplest ways. I relax and pause from the never-ending distractions in my mind. I choose the experience of getting in touch with nature through a unique combination of adventure, contemplation and learning experiences about the abundance of natural wonders — exploring the untouched — in a setting of peace and tranquility.

I recently became aware of simple beauty as it is exemplified at a ranch in Playa Migriño, a pacific beach that is not more than an hour from San Jose del Cabo and close to Cabo San Lucas.  It’s rather secluded.

The ranch is called Rancho Carisuva and it is a typical Baja California ranch with around 43 horses, a freshwater well, farm animals such as goats, chickens, pigs, friendly donkeys and cows, and it even has a traditionally built desert hut. The fun allows you to safely indulge in adventurous, adrenaline-pumping experiences like ATV beach and desert tours, side by side 4×4 safaris, Pacific beach horseback riding, hiking burro and sunset horseback riding tours, all through private trails that run along the desert canyons, virgin pacific beaches, and amazing ocean side cliffs. Wonderful!

I learned that, as an eco-conscious Ranch, Carisuva has a commitment to preserve the natural beauty of its surroundings. They use solar power to meet water and electrical demands. And they do it well…the ranch offers you all necessary facilities to make your visit a cosy excursion.

Besides the adventure, the Ranch offers food, fresh water, a bilingual guide and free time to enjoy the day. Those who would rather just take the time to contemplate will find it a wonderful place for stillness, Baja-style. Transportation? It can be arranged from whichever hotel you might be staying!

Kudos to my friends at Rancho Carisuva! As they put it,  at the end of the day it’s the experience that creates an impression that will last a lifetime. Simple!

What is your idea of Simple  Pleasures in Baja?  Let us know!

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