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How to Enjoy the Final Days of the Mayan Calendar in Cabo San Lucas

End Times in Cabo San Lucas: How to Enjoy the Final Days of the Mayan Calendar

by Chris Sands, author of Quintessential Quaffs (a related post)

I guess we’re all hoping that the Mayans got it wrong. If not, and the end of their long-count calendar on December 21st really does mean the end of days on earth, there are going to be a lot of disappointed people around here, particularly those that have just bought timeshares.


Our days are numbered, at least if you believe the Mayan long count calendar.

Personally, I’m keeping an open mind. I haven’t emptied out my savings account in hopes of one last monumental binge. La Grande Bouffe, as the French like to say. On the other hand, I’m not exactly wasting a lot of time with trivial pursuits such as working and sleeping. If this is to be my last week, I want to enjoy every single second.

And really, what better place to ride out the cosmic storm than in Cabo San Lucas? Not only  does the town boast gorgeous beaches, pampering spas, and championship-level golf courses (I must get my handicap into single digits before time runs out), but there are plenty of armageddon-appropriate activities on tap this week. Here are a few I have marked on my calendar.

The Last Supper

What could be more traditional and appropriate than a last supper with friends and family? That’s the thinking, anyway, behind Drew Deckman’s “End of the World” party. The Michelin star winning chef and owner of Deckman’s at Havana in San Jose del Cabo is upping the ante with an ambitious apocalypse-themed repast.  The dinner is scheduled for Friday night, December 21st, and will feature a five course fine dining menu paired with Mexican wines and craft beers, plus a tasting of the aptly named Buen Viaje mezcal. Don’t worry about that second helping of dessert. There’s a good chance all our dieting days are done. Tickets for the event cost are $100 U.S., but there is a money back guarantee if the world does actually end during your meal.


Casa D’Aristi is known for their Xtabentun liqueurs.

Casa D’Aristi is known for their Xtabentun liqueurs.


The Mayan Kiss

Want to toast eternity in style? Try a coffee cocktail or shot with Casa D’Aristi’s Xtabentun, a delicious Mayan liqueur made with rum, fermented honey, and anise seed. It’s sweet, but potent, and a few pops should have you attempting to build a pyramid from discarded swizzle sticks. Actually, if you’re looking for reasons to doubt the so-called “Mayan prophecy,” consider that the ancient mathematicians may have been liquored up on Xtabentun when they calculated the length of their famous long count calendar. Who knows? We might have a few good years left.

The best place to find Xtabentun in Cabo San Lucas is at Lorenzillo’s Live Lobster House. Try it with one of their flaming coffees, or as an integral part of two very satisfying recipes. Add a lime to equal parts tequila and Xtabentun, and you’ve got a Maya Margarita. Mix it with Kahlua, and you’ve got my personal favorite, the Mayan Kiss.  Lorenzillo’s overlooks the Marina, so if you see anything that looks like trouble, it’s no problem to grab a couple of stray donkeys and commandeer an ark.

World’s End over Land’s End

There is always a chance that the world  will end before dinner time on the 21st. In fact, it might end just after midnight, a startling prospect for fans of  Drew Deckman’s cooking and heady Xtabentun-laced elixirs (as well as the rest of humanity, one supposes). Assuming this is a possibility, the smart move is also to make a night of it on Thursday.

The Mayans would approve: a Thursday night fiesta at The Office.

The Mayans would approve: a Thursday night fiesta at The Office.

I recommend The Office on Medano Beach. They’ll be hosting their weekly Gran Fiesta Mexicana, with traditional folk songs, dancing under the stars, and other fun-filled festivities. It’s always a good fiesta, with a surfeit of free tequila shooters and plenty of convivial company, and I think the Mayans would have approved. Plus, the beach is the best place in Cabo San Lucas to watch fireworks, and there could be quite a lot of them.

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