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Coffee in Cabo

By Meghan Fitzpatrick

There are several places of note in Cabo in which to have your daily caffeine fix, but here are some favorites:

The Cabo Coffee Company is one of the primary Cabo coffee suppliers

1) The Cabo Coffee Company – this place has some serious coffee. A local favorite, their tagline, “Death before decaf” is no joke — a cup of coffee from this place will have you wired for hours. That being said, they also brew excellent decaf coffee. Their coffee is also available to buy online if you can’t make it to to their store; it is sold in 3 main varieties: dark (for  US $13.75), medium (for US $13.75), and decaf (for US $14.00). They have no ‘light’ option – it’s all or nothing here.

Cabo Coffee Company also boasts a strong and reliable internet connection – something which is good to know if you’re in the area. They have food too, including large breakfast bagel sandwiches (very filling), cookies, muffins, pastries and pies. If you plan on frequenting the Cabo Coffee Company on a regular basis, make sure you ask about their loyalty program, nine cups of coffee (or tea) earns you one on the house.

All the coffee from Cabo Coffee Company is grown in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Oaxaca, in mainland Mexico. The beans are called Pulma Hidalgo beans and their bold, complex flavor make them some of the most desired coffee beans in the world. Once they are grown, all of the beans are then freshly roasted in Cabo. This means that their coffee is the 100% fresh and of the highest quality you can get your hands on in Mexico. It is no wonder why this place is a local favorite.

2) Cafe Cabo – One of the best, Cafe Cabo has everything you could want from a local coffee place, including excellent value for money. I spent the whole day at Cafe Cabo last week and I had a large latte, a turkey sandwich, a large coffee and a large bottle of water – all for US $6.85 (MX $88). CC also has excellent wifi – I wasn’t knocked offline once the whole day. If you’ve ever needed the internet in Cabo, then you know that finding a reliable, high speed internet connection is no easy feat. Thus far, out of all of the places I’ve been to in Cabo, Cafe Cabo definitely has one of the best internet connections, and it’s free.

The Cafe Cabo offers a variety of breakfast and lunch food items – they have a selection of freshly baked pastries, muffins, cookies, croissants, and also a variety of sandwiches and baguettes to choose from. Since I ate there, they heated my sandwich up for me and added a generous amount of salad to my plate.

Cafe Cabo is open every day except wednesdays, from 7am until 10pm.

3) Starbucks – everyone can recognize Starbucks. Cabo San Lucas is home to one of two Starbucks — the only two in all of Baja Sur. The menu requires no description, as it is the well-known, classic Starbucks food menu with the standard tall, grande, and venti drinks. The prices are given in peseos, but like anywhere in Baja, you can pay in either dollars or pesos.

The Cabo San Lucas Starbucks is located in Plaza Bonita, across from Squid Roe and next to La Trattoria restaurant. It sits right on the main street running through Cabo, Boulevard Paseo de la Marina, so you can’t miss it as you drive into town. The second Starbucks in Los Cabos is in San Jose, next to McDonalds, near the the big Mega store at the roundabout where you turn to drive to the airport, Boulevard Nauricio Castro no. 4650 Col. Both locations have reliable wifi and strong A/C — making them welcome sanctuaries in the summer. For store hours and information you should contact the locations directly as their hours and opening days vary by season.

4) Bar Esquina  – this local hot spot is a great place to have some seriously high quality coffee. They have an excellent menu for breakfast lunch and dinner, in addition to a full bar that is open well into the night. Bar Esquina is the restaurant and bar at the Bahia Hotel and though it gets pretty busy at night, during the day it is a much quieter environment and is a great place to work, have a nice meal and some truly excellent coffee.

Starting at 7am every day, Bar Esquina brews specialty organic Mexican coffee from Chiapas and Oaxaca. This is definitely some of the best and highest quality coffee in Cabo. They also have a delicious and thorough breakfast menu that should not be ignored, menu choices include a breakfast burrito, eggs benedict, pancakes, French toast, omelettes, huevos rancheros, fruit, granola, and more – all for between MX $60 and $85 (US $4.75 – $6.60). Breakfast at Bar Esquina is an experience not to be missed – this is not just a nightspot. Breakfast is served at Bar Esquina from 8am-11:30am, and you can come in anytime between 7am and close (which is late) for some excellent, organic Mexican coffee.

Where is your favorite coffee place in Cabo? If you know of any other great places for coffee please share with us below.

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