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Camels in Cabo? A Little Bit of Egypt Comes to Baja!

Camels in Cabo?  A desert dream comes true on the Baja Peninsula.

by Jack E. George

No need to fly thousands of miles on an airplane just to have the experience of riding a camel. Camels in Cabo — and riding on them — are now a desert dream-come-true!  Now anyone can ‘rent’ a camel in Cabo San Lucas and have a ride of a lifetime.


Camels in Cabo? A desert dream comes true on the Baja Peninsula.

There are several companies offering camel rides, one of them being Cabo Adventures that takes small groups on the desert dream trek.  The only restriction is that you be at least six years of age and weigh no more than 265 pounds. The tour beings at the Cabo Adventures location at the Dolphin Center in Cabo San Lucas. Trips are offered seven days per week, 9 a.m.-noon,  and sometimes at 3 p.m. according to Maria Ines Brito, marketing manager for the operation. The journey takes about 4.5 hours.

According to Maria, Cabo Adventures takes extra precautions for every customer’s safety. She said, “We innovate, to make each customer have a wonderful experience each day, and one that will result in being a lifetime experience.”  It begins when adventurers of the Lawrence of Arabia ilk get into one of the company’s off-road Unimogs — trucks and are driven deep into the heart of the Baja outback.  Upon arriving at embarkation point, there is a huge sense of anticipation that excites adults and children, alike.


Arabia or Baja? Camels in Cabo offer a uniquely different travel experience.


Aside from the spectacular views, each visitor has his or her own knowledgeable guide, who ensure safety and lots of knowledge about camels in Cabo. Getting onto the camel, which could be daunting to some, is not a problem. There is a platform for you to climb on and the guide offers assistance. After riding through the outback, visitors enjoy an idyllic jaunt in Rancho San Cristobal. This beach ride is unlike anything else — right out of a movie.  If taking this camel excursion during the winter months, the guide will advise you to keep an eye out for humpback whales. These whales often swim past the ranch.


Up front and personal with camels in cabo!

There are two types of camels. You will be riding the one hump which is called the Arabic camel. They live in western Asia although they are being brought to specific areas in North America to which they adapt well. These particular eight camels, owned by Cabo Adventures, are actually from Texas. Camels have some amazing abilities. For example, they are capable of living for weeks without food or water. Their hump is actually filled with fat which allows them to use this when needed. When camels take a drink of water it takes them awhile to fill their needs as they consume about 40 gallons at one time.

During the last part of  the excursion, camel-riders stop at a local ranch where they are served a traditional Mexican meal which includes hand-made tortillas, beans, drinks, and salsas. Following the meal, the return trip to Cabo San Lucas offers fabulous views with outstanding photo opportunities of the Baja desert. You will need photos, after all:  You will need to prove that your stories about your unbelievable vacation, and camels in cabo, are true! is a comprehensive online source of first-hand travel information for the Baja California Peninsula, supported by a full-service tour operator staffed by Baja locals (our “Baja Travel Savants”). We offer Baja travelers expert advice about local restaurants hotels and vacation rentals, as well as guides, maps and articles about events, sports and activities. We provide bilingual customer support, information and sales seven days a week, 365 days a year.  For more information, please call toll-free (US/CAN) 855-BAJA-411 or email us at

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