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Medano Beach and its Cool Culinary Treats: How to Beat the Heat in Cabo!

Medano Beach and its cool culinary treats:  How to beat the heat in Cabo!

A guide to the culinary pleasures of Medano Beach.

Snowbirds are attracted to Cabo San Lucas for obvious reasons. It’s really, really warm when most everywhere in the U.S. and Canada seems to be very, very cold. But while most winter escapists picture palm trees, sandy expanses, and tropical cocktails, I think of seafood joints and roving raspado vendors. Forget the pina coladas, what about the shrimp cocktails? Swimming in the Sea of Cortez tends to make me hungry.

In fact, my favorite local beaches are those that I associate with specific culinary pleasures: vendor-made quesadillas at Playa Coral Negro, seafood combos and cool jazz at Cerritos, BBQ ribs, Victoria beers, free surf shows at Zipper’s on Playa Acapulquito, and rompope-flavored raspados (a Mexican version of the snow cone) on Medano Beach.

Fresh local seafood and Land’s End views are specialties on Medano Beach.

Playa Coral Negro vendors and jazz at Cerritos are only available on Sundays, but tasty treats are always available on Medano Beach. In fact, unlike most area beaches, where restaurants are few and far between, it’s easy to find good food on Playa El Medano. The two mile stretch features plenty of umbrella-shaded seaside eateries, most of which specialize in fresh local seafood, cold beers, and spectacular Land’s End views. Best of all, if you’re staying in Cabo San Lucas, the beach is within walking distance of all the major hotels and resorts (many of the larger resorts are located right on the beach).

So for snowbirds and other visitors to our seaside paradise, I’m including descriptions of some of the best and most popular seafood stops on Cabo San Lucas’ most popular beach.

The Office on the Beach

Who doesn’t want to go to The Office when it’s 75 degrees in the middle of winter, and you’re being served lobster tacos and Cadillac Margaritas? This place has terrific food, and I’m particularly partial to their lunch specials, which include lobster stuffed poblano peppers and shrimp enchiladas (the combo platter), and sea bass fajitas. The cheeseburgers aren’t bad either. The Office may be best known, however, for its Gran Fiesta Mexicana events, which are held every Thursday night, and feature folk dancing, free tequila shooters and big cuts of Black Angus beef.  Daline Jones and Diego Ramirez bring Latin flavored jazz on Friday nights.

Mango Deck

Best known as “Party Central” during the Spring Break months, Mango Deck serves up food as well as tequila shooters and seasonal sex position contests, featuring generous selections of the fresh local seafood, and comfort food favorites like burgers, BLTs, and buffalo wings. The restaurant looks out over Land’s End, and is a great spot to dig your toes in the sand, order a bucket of beer, and sample seafood combos that include lobster, shrimp, scallops, crab, and octopus. Traditional Mexican menu items are also available, from tacos and burritos to fajitas and quesadillas. In fact, the huge menu selection is part of the allure. Kids and vegetarian options are plentiful, and there’s something to please everyone. As a bonus, wave runner rentals are available right in front of the restaurant.

Dinner under the stars: Mango Deck after dark.

Medano Beach Club

The Medano Beach Club offers a higher end atmosphere than most beachside eateries, and their dinner menu is superb, with delicious soups, salads, and seafood dishes. I don’t know about you, but I’m normally a little concerned when someone offers me an anthology of vegetables, or a trilogy of seafood. I typically like my anthologies confined to coffee tables, and my trilogies in the hands of film directors, not chefs. That said, the seafood trilogy here – consisting of steamed lobster, coconut shrimp, and grilled fish served over rice and non-anthologized vegetables – is terrific, and one of the best entree selections you’ll find anywhere on the beach.

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All photos courtesy of Mango Deck.


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