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6 Ways to Prepare for Spring Break in Cabo San Lucas

By Meghan Fitzpatrick

“Spring Break in Cabo. A place I can never remember, a place I can never forget.” -Travelny2

Spring Breakers at Nikki Beach.

Sitting on my balcony at midnight and listening to the music blasting from the nightclubs and echoing across the Marina, I am acutely aware of the fact that it is Spring Break in Cabo. This town normally has its fare share of party-goers and sun-seekers, but the last few weeks have seen a marked increase in the number of people down here and a very heightened madness to the partying!

From the last weekend of February and throughout the months of March and April, Cabo San Lucas is buzzing with spring break party craziness. Even though Cabo is regularly frequented by party-goers, Spring Break here takes it to a level that is not matched at any other time throughout the year. The bars, clubs, hotels, pools, and beaches in Cabo San Lucas see thousands and thousands of college and high school students wanting nothing more than to drink away thoughts of school and exams with their friends for Spring Break. It really is like the crazy MTV Spring Break party madness you see on TV – every day (and night).

Should you decide to join the likes of these fun, young people next year, there are a few things you should consider first:

1) Airfare to Cabo: To start out with, you should to be aware of the fact that flights to Cabo during Spring Break are going to be a little more expensive than they normally are. In the same way that travel around Christmas is expensive, flying to Cabo for Spring Break will likely land you with a steep airfare. If possible, you should book your flights in advance. Remember, if you can avoid paying for an overpriced ticket then you can save your money for drinks when you get here.

2) Accommodations in Cabo: Don’t wait until the last minute to figure out where to stay in Los Cabos. Cabo hotels and vacation rentals fill up quickly during Spring Break. Things you might want to consider may be whether or not you want an all-inclusive package, the location of your hotel to the beach and or the bars, and how many people you plan on squeezing into your room. An all-inclusive package is definitely a great idea if you plan on drinking a lot – this will likely save you a ton of money. You should also think about where you want to spend most of your time. If it’s important to you to be on the beach, then you should try to make sure you are walking distance so you don’t end up spending extra money on taxis. Also, if you are with a group and you plan on cramming as many people into the room as possible, then you should check the hotel’s policies about adding people to the room so you don’t have any unpleasant surprises when you pay your bill.

3) Nightlife in Cabo: Cabo San Lucas is blessed with an abundance of nightlife so finding somewhere to go at night should not be a problem! You may want to look up the biggest clubs before you go though and see what they’re doing while you’re there. There is never cover at clubs in Cabo unless there’s an event going on. If there’s an event going on while you’re in Cabo you may want to look into getting a ticket and checking to make sure you have the proper attire to ensure that you are admitted. Normally though, nightclubs and bars in Cabo are pretty lax in terms of dress codes and do not charge a cover. If you are a girl or if you’re with any girls, another thing for you to pay attention to when you go out at night is Cabo’s Ladies Nights – when girls drink for free.

Cabo Spring Breakers loading up on shots at The Saloon.

4) Transportation from Los Cabos International Airport: This is definitely something you should look into before you arrive in Cabo. Taxis in Cabo are not cheap, so renting a car or taking a shuttle are certainly your most economical options. You should ask your hotel if they provide transportation as they may be able to meet you at the airport for no additional charge.

5) Dehydration: A lot of people don’t take care of themselves when they visit Cabo San Lucas on Spring Break. Large quantities of alcohol combined with long stretches of time in the sun can easily lead to illness and dehydration. Make sure you have lots of bottled water with you at all times (do not drink water from the sink in Mexico), and be sure to drink electrolyte drinks and have lots of vitamin C. Partying all day and night will definitely lower your immunity, and your friends’, and the last thing you want when you’re on vacation is to get sick!

6.) What to Pack for Spring Break in Cabo: Sunscreen, flip flops, a good hat, sunglasses, your swimsuit, and finally, don’t forget your camera. Spring break in Cabo will surely be a trip you’ll want to remember (or need the pictures to remind you) forever.

We would love to hear your Cabo Spring Break stories, please share them with us here. What were your favourite clubs? Where do you think are the best places to stay for spring break?

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