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Young Graffiti Violators in Rosarito will do Community Service

At the last quarter of 2007, the local authorities of Rosarito along with several resident volunteers started an anti-graffiti campaign that involved a citywide graffiti clean-up. Now, young violators who have been caught vandalizing in the Baja California Norte City of Rosarito would also face community service thanks to a new criminal penalties program in the city.

Called the De Lineas a Mensajes which translates into “from lines to messages”, the new Anti-Graffiti program of Rosarito City would give vandalism offenders in their minor years the option to avoid penal and criminal sanctions. Along with the signed permission of these vandals, the local authorities would organized weekend clean-up brigades which vandals in their minor years would participate in. Along with volunteers and government officials, they would improve the image of the city by cleaning public places, restoring damaged properties and repainting the graffiti they themselves have once painted on the city walls and properties.

This program would be beneficial for young graffiti offenders because the sanction is a corrective one which would give them the opportunity to right their wrongs and learn from experience. They would also feel a sense of belonging and community-bonding through the experience, and hopefully get an idea of the magnitude of damage that they have inflicted. Not to mention the program may possibly save them from criminal and penal charges that may be filed against them. Since the program was launched, there has already been five parents who have agreed to let their children caught vandalizing join this program of Rosarito City. These kids would be involved in a weekend program of cleaning and repainting vandals which would go on for six months.

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