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Whale watching tours in Baja

There but a very few blessed places in the entire planet where one can sit along the beach or ride out just a few miles of the shores and be amazed by the spectacle of a whole colony of humpback whales or gray whales found so close to human habitation. Baja California in Mexico is one of these every few and fortunate places.

The Peninsula of Baja California is blessed to be located in between two very abundant and biologically diverse bodies of water. On the western shores of the Baja peninsula lies the expansive blue vastness that is the Pacific Ocean while its eastern shores open up to the Gulf of California (more popularly called the Sea of Cortez or Mar de Cortes after the Spanish conquistador who discovered the peninsula). These two large bodies of water eventually meet and marry at the southernmost tip of the Baja California peninsula forming an elongated U-shaped border of water area around the peninsula.

Almost every municipality in Baja California has at least one dock, harbor, marina or beach that offers whale watching tours and trips. Several species of whales such as gray whales and humpback whales, along with other large marine animals like hammerhead sharks and whale sharks head towards the southern regions of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean during fall and winter months to relish the warm waters found in these regions. However, many whales can still be sighted all through out the year in Baja California since the waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez are rich with nutrients and sources of food for these animals.

Many tourists and vacationers that come to Baja California are attracted by the pristine beaches, crystal clear waters and the fresh sea breeze, things that can rarely be experienced and enjoyed nowadays because of the pollution and exploitation of nature which are rampant in almost every place in the entire planet. And it seems like whales are also attracted to Baja waters precisely because they continue to be untouched and are protected by both the government and the local inhabitants that rely on these waters for a living.

Here at Baja California, those wishing to watch whales up close can go on one of the whale watching tours. Guests and guides would be taken by boats and yachts to areas where humpback or gray whales can be sighted. Many time during these trips, these gentle animals would even swim close enough to the boats for guests to reach out and pat their slippery heads. Seeing and being so close to these amazing aquatic creatures is a wonderful experience that kids and adults will both enjoy.

However, you need not ride a boat out in the open sea in order to see a whale in Baja California. All you need is a little patience an d comfortable chair and you can watch whales flipping atop the water or spraying fountains of water from the backs right in the comforts of your hotel terrace or on the beach.

Come whale watching in Baja California now and enjoy a wholesome and exhilarating outdoor adventure!

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